We interviewed the popular “patrol YouTuber” who “came up with the idea at a detention center! The Surprising Reason Why He Started YouTubing | FRIDAY DIGITAL

We interviewed the popular “patrol YouTuber” who “came up with the idea at a detention center! The Surprising Reason Why He Started YouTubing

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Ren Nakajima of Guts CH. He says he does martial arts as a hobby.

These “world-changing/patrol YouTubers” make their living by posting videos on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter) of them catching molesters and voyeurs and handing them over to police officers and station employees.

Their videos and posts receive many supportive comments, but they are often criticized for going too far, and there are a tremendous number of posts on X (formerly Twitter) criticizing their actions.

Why do they continue their activities in the face of fierce headwinds? We interviewed Mr. Ren Nakajima of Gutsch, one of the “world-changing/patrolling YouTubers,” who has over 230,000 registered users and has turned in hundreds of molesters and voyeurs to the police.

Guts ch is dedicated to eliminating molestation and voyeurism from the world. Many women have been victims of molestation and voyeurism, but measures against molestation and voyeurism have been largely ineffective. I thought that was not good, so I started this activity.

Why did he come up with the idea of eliminating molestation and voyeurism in the first place? When asked why, Mr. Nakajima gave a surprising answer.

‘I came up with the idea for this activity while I was in detention on extortion charges. Before I started Guts CH, I was running a men’s esthetic salon and a delicatessen, and I was arrested for extortion when I tried to collect fines for harassing girls and violations that occurred at those salons. Although the charges were dropped, the mess at that time made me want to do something that could be done by a small group of people and help people in a vulnerable position, and I came up with the idea of GUTS CH.”

Ms. Nakajima has seen many people harassing and violating women. Perhaps from the experience he gained at that time, he soon realized that a tremendous number of molesters and voyeurs were on the loose after he started his activities.

Whenever I go to a big station like a terminal station on patrol, I always find at least one molester or voyeur every time I go there. They are constantly walking around the station floor to find women who look vulnerable and who are wearing short skirts that could be targets for molesters or voyeuristic photographers. It’s easy to see because they are clearly repeating unnatural behavior.”

The most difficult part, however, is capturing the actual scene of the molestation or voyeurism.

Recently, perhaps because my activities have become well-known, the number of molesters and voyeurs who notice me has been increasing,” he said. I still walk around the train stations and ride the same trains for several hours in search of my targets, and I am sure they are the same as the photos I receive in DMs and e-mail tip-offs, but it’s frustrating because I can’t catch them.

Even if they notice that a person is clearly preparing to molest or take voyeuristic photographs, they do not call out to the person or take them into custody on that basis alone, but only when they are certain they have the evidence.

When I take molesters or voyeurs into custody, I make strict rules to prevent them from committing a crime,” he said. If the molestation takes place after a long period of loitering or peddling behavior on the train, I will call out to them the first time and if they run away, I will detain them; otherwise, I will not call out to them unless I see a repetition of the behavior several times. I have done my due diligence on the law before starting this activity, and I do not intend to do anything illegal.”

Nakajima says he began his activities after properly researching the law. However, news articles featuring his videos have received many comments from many lawyers questioning his actions in the videos.

What are their thoughts on that? When we asked him about this, Mr. Nakajima responded as follows.

In fact, we do our best not to break any strictly researched standards. However, if, in the course of our activities, our actions are deemed illegal and we are arrested, we will accept it as something that can’t be helped.

He continues to patrol for molesters and voyeurs with the determination that he has no choice but to be arrested. When asked about his future activities, he says he has three goals.

The first is to have the railroad companies take stronger measures against molestation and voyeurism. The current measures are not enough. I believe that the number of molesters can be drastically reduced simply by creating men-only cars and increasing the number of women-only cars.

The second is to revise the law. Since there is only a fine for molestation, I don’t think we can say that it is deterring molesters. I think it would be better to at least increase the amount of money or raise the amount of money if a person is arrested for molestation more than once.

The third is to reduce the number of people who turn a blind eye. In this regard, the number of people who cooperate with me has been increasing through my activities, so I would like to keep up the good work.

Mr. Nakajima continues to work toward the tremendous goal of eliminating molesters from the world. Perhaps one day his actions will lead to the elimination of molesters and voyeurs.

He gives a business card to a woman who is being molested, with a statement on the back to help her.
Mr. Nakashima answers the questions of this magazine’s reporter in a logical and orderly manner. She is moving forward toward her goal of eliminating molestation and voyeurism from the world!
  • PHOTO Takeshi Kinugawa

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