Keiko Kitagawa’s serious expression at her “busy street meeting | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keiko Kitagawa’s serious expression at her “busy street meeting

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! Harikomi24 (in Tokyo, 16:45)

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On the verge of getting into the pickup truck, Keiko Kitagawa is talking with the office staff about something. Her work ethic has not changed even after marriage.

Actress Keiko Kitagawa (35) made a splash when she returned to work just two months after giving birth to her first child, a baby girl, with husband DAIGO (43) last September.

In a recent interview with a magazine, Kitagawa said, “I didn’t want to cause trouble for the people around me,” which is typical of a woman with a strong sense of responsibility.

It was early November when I saw Kitagawa near Omotesando. An hour later, Kitagawa appeared with her staff, documents in hand, talking with them with a serious expression on her face.

On November 7, she was a presenter at the “Star Audition” organized by her agency, and gave the young man who won the grand prix some advice that is typical of her, “The agency is a family and the staff is warm, so you’re not alone and you won’t fall behind. Now a mother of one, she seems to be leading a fulfilling life in her work and private life.

Unpublished cut of Keiko Kitagawa in Omotesando with a serious expression

From “FRIDAY” November 26, 2021 issue

  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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