Some kids are “reselling sleeping pills”… The too bad special situation that overdose is so prevalent among tohyoko kids. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Some kids are “reselling sleeping pills”… The too bad special situation that overdose is so prevalent among tohyoko kids.

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Although measures are regularly taken against the To-Yoko Kids, they do not seem to be very effective.

Since the summer of 2009, when the existence of the “Toyoko Kids” began to be reported in the media, OD (overdose) has been a common practice among these kids.

The drug that is popular among these tohyoko kids is a sleeping pill called “Cyrace. This sleeping pill was one of the drugs used in the Ennosuke Ichikawa incident that occurred in May of this year, and it has become popular among the trendy Toyoko kids.

Because of its side effects and dependence, this Sylace is only prescribed to those who have been diagnosed with insomnia. However, many Tor Yoko Kids have obtained the drug because it is being sold and passed on by friends through X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

We spoke to A, 17, in Tor Yoko about why this is happening.

He said, “There are a lot of people here who say they don’t belong anywhere, and a lot of them have insomnia from anxiety because they have bad things going on at home and at school. I get medication from them. And I think it’s because some of them don’t have any money at all, so they sell the medicine they’re taking now to have money to play with.”

Touhyoko is a place where people who have some problems at home or school can come. Many of them have been diagnosed by doctors and are in possession of prescribed drugs.

Behind the popularity of buying and selling cyacea on social networking sites, there are probably a few people who are financially well-off and are trying to earn some extra money by selling their prescription drugs.

Tohyoko kids hanging out together.

Many people in Toyoko make friends and find their own place in the community through social networking, rather than using their real names, and have a wide range of anonymous friendships.

As a result, they are able to approach people with medications relatively easily, and are able to get or buy them. As a result, drugs used to relieve anxiety are widely available for ODing.

But why is ODing with Cyrace so prevalent? The reason is due to certain characteristics of the drug Sylace.

Sylace is said to cause a strong feeling of intoxication when taken with alcohol at the same time. Of course, it is very dangerous to take the drug and alcohol at the same time, but there is a reason why he still wants to use it, according to Mr. A of Toyoko Kids.

It makes everything unimportant, which is good. Things like tomorrow, home, school, and so on. If I’m having fun now, it’s all fun. When I’m piqued (inebriated), everything is fun, and I can forget about the things I don’t like right away. Also, when I drink sireace, my tongue turns blue and I look cute. We all laugh with our bellies out.”

The fact that their tongues turn blue may be one of the reasons why the Torayoko kids have taken notice of sialace. They can easily get ‘cute’ with their senses and make it a source of laughter.

Not only are these tohyoko kids involved in underage drinking, but they are also involved in the resale of sleeping pills. Their desire for intoxication may be a distraction from the fact that they are doing something wrong.

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