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Prime Minister Kishida Dubbed “Tax Increase Shit Glasses” for Tax Increase Reports

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has received an unpleasant nickname from the internet, whereas the public is tired of the rush of tax hikes.

The “invoice system” began on October 1, under which “tax-exempt businesses” with taxable sales of 10 million yen or less are also required to file and pay consumption tax. Freelancers and sole proprietors who have been tax-exempt businesses will actually see an increase in taxes.

 “The taxable amount is not the “profit” of 10 million yen, but the “sales” of the business. If purchasing costs and expenses are deducted, such businesses and freelancers cannot be said to be financially comfortable. In these very difficult times of high prices, a weak yen, and high energy prices, it is nothing short of “ruthless” to force the ban.”

“On the 29th, a citizens’ group opposed to the project handed a USB memory stick containing 540,000 signatures to Prime Minister Kishida’s secretary. In response, Prime Minister Kishida instructed his ministers to relieve the concerns of business operators, but I think he is not giving instructions to ‘relieve concerns’ but to ‘abolish or postpone’ them.”

On September 30, businessman Yuta Misaki, known as the “Prince of Green Juice”, wrote on his website about the number of signatures he had gathered in opposition to the bill

“No matter how much the people raise their voices, they are completely ignored. The reality is that the law will be enforced. It is to the level where I no longer doubt the existence of democracy. Politics is meant to enrich the people, but with the current political situation, I feel that the people will only get poorer,” he commented.

Criticism of the introduction of the system is also swirling on the internet.


Prime Minister Kishida’s repeated reports of tax hikes and increased burdens have earned him the unflattering nickname “tax hike glasses” on the internet, and on September 30, the day before the start of the invoice system, the phrase “tax hike damn glasses” trended on X. 

On September 29, Smart Flash reported that Prime Minister Kishida was upset about the nickname “tax hike glasses,” according to a source at the prime minister’s office,

“Why don’t you just get LASIK?”

The internet reacted to the report.

In response to this, some people on the nternet commented

“That’s not the point! Do something about the tax hike!”

Many people were quick to respond, “Not that one! Finally, a new nickname, “Tax hike fucking LASIK,” even started trending on X.

On the September 30 broadcast of “Live TV till Morning!” (TV Asahi), economist Takuro Morinaga pointed out that “Prime Minister Kishida may have been brainwashed by the Ministry of Finance”

“It is a well-known fact that the finance bureaucrats come to politicians and convince them of the necessity of “tax hikes” and other lies that the government’s finances are about to collapse. They usually talk about the government’s debt, the deficit-covering bonds, but if the government borrows money and orders public works projects from private companies, the private sector will be enriched.”

“On the other hand, even as JGB issuance swells, the BOJ still holds more than 53% of the national debt that is circulating in the world. All the interest on JGBs that the government pays to the BOJ goes into the treasury, so although it looks like debt, it is the same as if the government were paying itself.” (Economic journalist)

Furthermore, we should not forget the fact that Japan’s net foreign assets held abroad and other countries amount to more than 418.6 trillion yen, the highest in the world for 32 consecutive years.

“Japan has been the world’s largest net foreign assets for 32 consecutive years, with more than 418.6 trillion yen held overseas and other countries. Despite the fact that tax revenues are the highest in the world, even higher than during the bubble period, they are still trying to squeeze the weak. The government is making more and more reckless laws because the Japanese people are too angry.”

It is not every day that the prime minister of a country is called a “tax-hiking spectacle”. We would like Prime Minister Kishida to consider why he has been given such a stigma.

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