Kyoko Koizumi, who knows “the light and dark side of the entertainment world,” mentions the Johnny’s’s problem, causing a stir. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Koizumi, who knows “the light and dark side of the entertainment world,” mentions the Johnny’s’s problem, causing a stir.

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Kyoko Koizumi has been at the center of the entertainment industry for a long time. ……

Actress Kyoko Koizumi has become a topic of conversation after touching on the “sexual assault” issue at Johnny’s. She appeared on the September 23rd broadcast of J-WAVE’s “TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN.

She appeared on J-WAVE’s “TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN” broadcast on September 23. In a crosstalk session with music critic Haruo Chikada, he discussed a series of problems.

The media has been too discreet and attached to the side that is on the stage and has not reported on it, and now the worst of the pus is beginning to appear.

Koizumi’s criticism is that the media is not reporting on the situation.

Koizumi is not criticizing Johnny’s. He is criticizing Johnny’s itself.

He is complaining about the “discovery culture” of the media, including TV, radio, and morning sports papers, which has allowed Johnny’s to become so powerful. Koizumi continues.

There was a time when people competed for viewership ratings, and as a result, the world of television and the entertainment industry became more and more vicious, and only comedy shows became prominent.

Recently, he has stopped watching TV dramas, and the reason for this is that “there are fewer shows I want to watch,” he said. He continued

I feel like I’m watching too many programs. I feel that the content that is being produced nowadays is too much of a mess. I feel like I want to say that everyone just turns on the TV out of habit.

Chikada also commented on this. Mr. Chikada also commented on this.

All the programs are easy to book. They say, “Just put Johnny’s in for now.

Koizumi said. Koizumi said

Koizumi said, “I guess they had a sense of security in knowing that the ratings would be this high.

Koizumi pointed out that the focus on ratings has led to a dependence on Johnny’s. Koizumi said that in 2006, the number of viewers was increased from 10,000 to 10,000.

In January 2006, Koizumi became independent from Burning Productions, to which he had belonged for 36 years since his debut. He is currently working on stage productions and producing at his company, “The Day After Tomorrow,” which he launched in 2003.

He says, “I am working in the hope of giving a place to actors who have not been in the limelight, and to encourage them to spread their wings. It is not uncommon to see Kyonkyon at a small theater in Shimokitazawa,” he said. Recently, she has been making political statements on SNS for “The Day After Tomorrow,” and her presence has been growing.

During his time at Burning Productions, he reigned as a one-of-a-kind presence. He had an unpretentious personality and was able to speak frankly even to the president of the company.

The media sometimes “discovered” such a Koizumi on their own. The following incident, which is connected to the “Koizumi comment” mentioned above, occurred in the past.

Mr. Koizumi and Ms. I were publicly and privately getting along with each other. Ms. Koizumi and Ms. I are known to be good friends both publicly and privately, and I think the production side used Ms. I to boost Mr. Koizumi’s career. However, when Ms. Koizumi saw this, she complained, “I don’t like this kind of thing! ‘ (TV station insider).

There is no doubt that they get along well. However, what was important was “casting to make the drama better,” and Koizumi’s style was “different” when it came to making offers to his best friend actresses for his own sake.

In ’16, Reina Nohni (now Nonn), whom he had co-starred in NHK’s morning drama “Amachan” and adored, went independent after a series of office troubles. She was blatantly cut off from the industry, and even today she is rarely seen on TV.

Koizumi was fed up with such industry dynamics, barter by the power of the office, and media discovery,” said a source at a TV station.

Koizumi said on the radio

Koizumi said on the radio, “It is the same with the problem of Johnny’s. When a windfall is opened up a little by little, it opens up to the top.

Koizumi said on the radio.

I hope that the TV world will be reborn, and that each broadcaster will bring its own color to the airwaves.

I hope that the world of television will be reborn, and that each broadcaster will bring its own color to the airwaves. Having seen the “light and dark” of the entertainment industry, Koizumi’s words carry more weight than anyone else’s.

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