[Obtained evidence] Big Motor’s former president Hiroyuki Kaneshige was a member of “the most exclusive golf club in Japan! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

[Obtained evidence] Big Motor’s former president Hiroyuki Kaneshige was a member of “the most exclusive golf club in Japan!

"Even though he was killing street trees and damaging customers' cars with golf balls, ......

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It’s really unforgivable. (Harming (cars) with golf balls…… is a blasphemy against people who love golf.”

At a press conference held on July 25 this year, Big Motor’s former president, Hiroyuki Kaneshige, 72, lashed out in a rather off-the-cuff manner about the company’s insurance fraud claims.

The names of the presidents of well-known companies were lined up on the list.

The series of disturbances began with the “hole drilling video” reported by Friday in April of this year. The video showed a Big Motor representative using a screwdriver to puncture the tire of a car entrusted to him by a customer, raising suspicions that the company had intentionally overcharged the customer for insurance.

A subsequent investigation also revealed that a staff member had damaged a customer’s car by hitting it with a sock containing a golf ball. Mr. Kaneshige was particularly unforgiving about the golf affair…” (A reporter from the society department of a national newspaper)

At this press conference, former president Kaneshige announced his resignation, but as his love of golf was featured at the press conference, it became clear that Kaneshige has been taking Big Motor executives to rounds at golf courses all over Japan and sometimes even on overseas trips to visit courses.

Kaneshige’s love of golf has spread throughout the world. His love of golf is evident in the list of golf clubs in Japan, which is said to be one of the best in the country.

Kaneshige was a member of a prestigious country club in Tokyo. This prestigious golf club has been in operation for more than 80 years and has many enthusiasts in the political and business world. It is a historic course that even that Mr. Kakuei Tanaka loved. It is also said to have the highest playing fees in Japan, and the current market price for membership is around 35 million yen. Incidentally, the annual membership fee is 330,000 yen, and more than 400 people are registered as members.

A current member of the club confides, “This club is just a place to play golf.

A current member of the club confided, ” This club has a strict screening process for membership. If you don’t have high integrity, you can’t become a member. Many executives have visited the course to become members and have been rejected. It doesn’t matter how much money you put up. That is why the course is called the best in Japan.

Whenever I look at the beautiful turf at the Country Club, I am reminded of Big Motor’s herbicide attack on the trees in front of their store.

Big Motor still has a lot of trouble on its hands, including the issue of unpaid salaries to employees and allegations of abusive language during buy-back negotiations. We believe that the Kaneshige system, which prioritizes profit, was the cause of all of these problems.

If Kaneshige had the dignity befitting a member of a prestigious club, the series of scandals could have been prevented.

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