Accelerating Polarization of Responses…Johnny’s’s Aims to Prioritize “Cowan & Yasushi Hashida” over “Association of Sexually Assaulted Parties | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Accelerating Polarization of Responses…Johnny’s’s Aims to Prioritize “Cowan & Yasushi Hashida” over “Association of Sexually Assaulted Parties

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Cowan, Yasushi Hashida are distinct from the “Association of Sexual Assault Victims

I am not being paid by Johnny’s, I am not in the pocket of Johnny’s, and as it stands now, I am a solo act.

Former Johnny’s Jr. and actor Yasushi Hashida posted the above text on his X (formerly Twitter) page. Furthermore,

I have not had any contact with the people in the association, as there seems to be some differences in thinking.

and emphasized that he is in line with the “Association of Parties to the Sexual Assault Issue of Johnny’s” (headed by Junya Hiramoto).

In April, former Johnny’s Jr. member Cowan Okamoto came forward at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan to accuse the late Johnny Kitagawa of sexual assault, using his real name and face, and this triggered a string of accusers to come forward. The “Association of People Concerned with the Sexual Assault by Johnny’s,” headed by Mr. Hiramoto, was founded by Mr. Kenshi Nihonki and Mr. Kazuya Nakamura.

The “Association of the Parties Concerned” has been involved in overt activities, such as attending hearings of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan in the Diet and petitioning the Japan Federation of Bar Associations for human rights relief, which has provided them with opportunities to be treated by the media. They are seeking a face-to-face dialogue, but they are still not able to reach out to the media. They have called for face-to-face dialogue, but this has yet to happen. On the other hand, they have already met with Cowan and Hashida, and it is hard to deny the impression that the association of the parties is being passed over by Johnny’s.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

At a press conference held by the Johnny’s office on August 7, Noriyuki Higashiyama, 57, the president of the association, described the victims as “former friends” and showed his support for them, but there is no contact with the association. However, there has been no contact with the association.

Meanwhile, Cowan met with former president Keiko Fujishima Julie in May and received an apology. at a press conference on May 8, following a press conference on May 7,

In a press conference on August 8, he commented, “I don’t think I have anything more to say to the Johnny’s’s office at this time.

Hashida also commented on the 21st that he had nothing more to say to X (XXXXXX). Hashida also commented on X (formerly Twitter) on the 21st,

I had a conversation with Mr. Higashiyama, the president of Johnny’s s office.

On the next day, on the 22nd, he commented, “Information Live Mya. On the following day, the 22nd, he made an emergency live appearance on “Information Live Miyaneya” (Nippon Television Network),

There was no mention of money at all.

I was not talking about money at all.” “My salvation is to create a situation where the talent is protected in a real sense, and to make various scenes clean,” he said.

I want to create a situation where the talent is truly protected and various situations are cleaned up.

Mr. Cowan and Mr. Hashida are probably more interested in their artistic and entertainment activities than compensation. As for Johnny’s, it is possible to give the impression that they are moving toward the future with the victims.

Given this, it is not surprising that the Johnny’s’s office may be seen as being selective about the victims. Some of them may have thought that Mr. Hashida was being nostalgic and used to restore the image of the office” (a source in the entertainment industry).

This seems to have led to Mr. Hashida’s post at the beginning of this article. On the other hand, the association of the parties concerned, in contrast to the visiting group, further strengthened the image of compensation purposes.

It was pointed out that members of the parties’ association had attended a memorial service for Mr. Janie Kitagawa, and the number of slanderous remarks increased. Some members have become physically ill due to a sense of personal danger. Victims other than the members of the association may also find it difficult to mention the compensation” (a member of the association of the parties).

The Johnny’s’s office has announced a policy of standing by the victims, but speculation is evident.

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