Gershey pleads guilty to some charges at his first trial and is released on bail, furthering his “solitary solitude. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershey pleads guilty to some charges at his first trial and is released on bail, furthering his “solitary solitude.

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At around 7:45 p.m. on March 21, defendant Gershey was released on bail and bowed deeply for seven seconds to the press.

On September 21, former member of the House of Councillors Gershey (real name: Yoshikazu Azumaya), 51, was released on bail from the Tokyo Detention Center after being indicted on five counts, including violation of the Violent Activities Act (habitual threatening), for threatening actor Go Ayano, 41, and others by posting exposés on a video-sharing website. The bail bond totaled 30 million yen, which the defendant paid on the same day. The defendant’s defense attorney had requested bail for the fourth time since his first trial on September 19, and the request was finally approved.

The defendant was arrested after returning from Dubai in June, and was detained for about three and a half months. According to his lawyer on his YouTube page, the conditions for bail were that he lose 17 to 18 kg during his detention and that he refrain from sending out messages on social networking sites and live broadcasting.

The bail amount for Ennosuke Ichikawa, a Kabuki actor arrested for assisting his parents in committing suicide, was set at 5 million yen. Considering the amount of the crime he was charged with, Gurnsey’s bail was too high, but since he was on the international wanted list, the authorities were reluctant to grant him bail and offered him a hefty sum. However, because defendant Gershey earns a lot of money and has several business supporters who have money, he was able to pay the bail without any problem and was finally granted bail.

Gershie has been on YouTube since last February, and after his election to the House of Councillors in July of the same year, he started a paid online salon where he exposed the scandals of numerous celebrities, The remaining four were Jun Tamura (49), actor Takayuki Yamada (39), Taka Taka (35) of the popular band ONE OK ROCK, and TAKUYA∞ (43) of the popular band UVERworld.

After his first election to the House of Councillors, he had been talking with the four of them on live phone calls and live on Instagram. Of the four, Jun and Yamada belonged to a major entertainment agency, but they still seemed to prioritize their relationship with defendant Gershie, which showed their manly nature. However, around the end of last year, the public began to turn against Gyasi, who had not appeared in the Diet since the end of last year. When he was expelled from the Diet in March of this year, placed on the international wanted list in April, and arrested in June, all four of them gradually stopped talking about him.

A few days after Gershie’s arrest, Jun updated his Twitter account (now X) and wrote, “First of all, I will answer the questioning and be judged under the law. If he is found guilty, I would like to meet him again and talk about many things after he atones for his crime. However, the other three men remained silent, and a situation that must have come as a shock to Gershie also occurred.

According to a report in the March 7 issue of FLASH (published by Kobunsha), Gershie appeared in the music video for “Pygmalion,” a song released by UVER on August 17 last year. However, due to “adult circumstances,” the music video had to be put on hold. It is not clear whether or not TAKUYA∞ was aware of the risk of this happening, but it is likely that his friendship with Garcy was something that came naturally to him. Also in February of this year, Garcy reported on his Instagram that he went to see TAKUYA∞, who was recording in Sweden, and talked with him about Dubai and his future plans, commenting, “It was the best time in 2023! he commented.

However, UVER’s song “VICTOSPIN” was chosen as the theme song for “CODE – The Price of Wish” for the July season this year. The drama stars Kentaro Sakaguchi, 32, who is in the same office as Go Ayano, who filed criminal charges against defendant Gershie. Perhaps if TAKUYA∞ had valued his relationship with defendant Garcy, he would not have accepted the offer.

At his first trial, Garcy was forced to admit to the “threats,” but this fact seems to have pushed him even further. As one would expect, Gershey must be disappointed in this case. The next trial will be held on October 3, and it will be interesting to see if Gershey will reveal any of his “amusement record” in the entertainment industry at the upcoming trial.

Gershey’s “severely emaciated” appearance, in which she has lost 17 to 18 kilograms, has caused a stir in the public.
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