After retiring, he went to Florida…Former chief of cancer center “millions in bribes from medical makers for investigation without reality” – horrifying true picture | FRIDAY DIGITAL

After retiring, he went to Florida…Former chief of cancer center “millions in bribes from medical makers for investigation without reality” – horrifying true picture

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Hashimoto Suspect Arrested for Accepting Bribes

Large gratuities for unrealistic investigations…

Bribes to doctors were a common practice at the medical equipment manufacturer where the former president was arrested.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 2 On September 21 On September 21, the Investigation Division 2 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Yusuke Hashimoto (47), former chief of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Medicine at the National Cancer Center Hospital East (Higashi Hospital, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture), on suspicion of bribery. 47 (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter “ZEON”), and Noboru Yanagida (67), former president of medical equipment manufacturer ZEON Medical Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter “ZEON Medical”). 67 The suspects were arrested.

The incident began in, The incident began with the arrest of Hashimoto, a medical doctor, in April 1949. The incident began with the appointment of Hashimoto as medical director of ZEON Medical in April 2007. It is said that ZEON personnel offered Hashimoto a rebate of 10,000 yen for each stent (a tube-shaped device used to widen blood vessels and other organs) used in a treatment. Hashimoto received several million yen over a period of about two years for cooperating in a post-marketing surveillance (PMS) of the stent.

The police are investigating at least ’20 remuneration for at least the fiscal year ’20 1.7 million yen for at least the fiscal year of 2008. The police found that at least about 1.7 million yen in compensation for FY ’20 was a bribe, as there was no actual PMS. Other. 1,000,000 yen The suspect was a sales representative of ZEON who came up with the idea of this method. ZEON’s sales staff and others came up with these methods, and the suspect Yanagida, who was president at the time, admitted to them in order to improve his sales performance. It is known that within ZEON, compensation for surveys that had no basis in reality had become a formality and was called ‘deemed PMS'” (reporter from the society department of a national newspaper).

From zero results to over 50% market share

ZEON had no experience with stents at Higashi Hospital, but since the suspect Hashimoto started using them, ZEON’s share of the hospital market has increased to more than 50%. 50% share of the hospital after the suspect started using the stent. However, since the suspect Hashimoto started using ZEON stents, the hospital’s share has increased to over 50%. Hashimoto suspect In July ’21 When Hashimoto retired as medical director in July 2009, the market share plummeted to 10-20%.

When Hashimoto stepped down as medical director in July ’21, the share dropped sharply to between 10% and 20%, In September 2009, the suspect moved his base of operations to the United States. In September 2009, Hashimoto moved to the United States and became an associate professor at the University of Florida in Jacksonville. Employees of national research and development corporations such as Azuma Hospital are considered “deemed public officials” under the law, and if they accept bribes, they are charged with bribery. Hashimoto temporarily returned to Japan in August of this year to be interviewed by the police. His admission or denial of the charges has not been made public.

Sankei Shimbun (September 24) According to reports in the Sankei Shimbun (September 24) and other newspapers, Zeon was arrested on September 24. According to reports in the Sankei Shimbun (September 24) and other media, ZEON is suspected of operating in the same manner as Hashimoto at other hospitals.

According to the report, “Due to the aging of the population, the market for medical equipment is on the rise. In response, manufacturers are entering the market one after another, and competition is intensifying. Companies are competing with each other to obtain orders from medical institutions.

As in this case, many cases of collusion between doctors and hospitals and manufacturers have been uncovered. Health insurance premiums and taxpayers’ money are used to pay for medical equipment and drugs, and the current state of the medical industry is one in which morals are being questioned.

After the incident was uncovered, the National Cancer Center made the following comment: “We will cooperate fully with the investigation and work to prevent a recurrence. ZEON’s parent company, ZEON Corporation, stated that it would “work to further strengthen its compliance system.

He said he was being paid for an investigation that had no basis in reality.
Hashimoto, who was looking down at the time of the investigation.
While he had a glamorous career as a doctor, he seemed to be involved in bribery.
Arrested Hashimoto
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