MEGUMI and Kenshi Furuya are getting divorced… “Tattoo husband cheating scene & couple’s friendly date” photos taken by this magazine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

MEGUMI and Kenshi Furuya are getting divorced… “Tattoo husband cheating scene & couple’s friendly date” photos taken by this magazine.

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MEGUMI and Furuya’s shopping date (Oct. 9, ’20 issue)

It’s a fact that they don’t already live together, and that they’re going through a divorce.

Kenshi Furuya (44), aka Kj, vocalist of the rock band Dragon Ash, updated his Instagram Stories on September 27. He admitted that he and his wife MEGUMI (42) had separated and divorced, as reported by “Bunshun Online” on the same day. In addition,

[At the beginning of this year, we talked about it together and decided to do it. My son understands my decision, and after 15 years as a team, I would appreciate it if you could watch over us gently. Thank you in advance for your support.

The article was posted at …….

The article mentioned a woman in her 30s living in Tokyo who had been having an affair with Furuya for several years. According to those involved, it was an “open secret” that they would invite her to their live performances and launches. Some said, “It would be pitiful if we don’t tell MEGUMI. In response to the magazine’s direct interview,

I can’t talk about my husband,” MEGUMI said.

FRIDAY” has reported on their love affairs, Furuya’s infidelity, and the scene of their lovey-dovey date.

A month after joining the family register, Furuya cheated on her husband at a party.

In August 2008, just one month after they joined the family register, “FRIDAY” scooped Furuya’s affair. During a live concert tour in Osaka, he invited the woman with whom he was having an affair to the launch of the concert, and they spent the night together. At the time, MEGUMI was five months pregnant. In response to this report, she told the press who attempted to interview her,

She said, “He’s the best husband I’ve ever had, so I’m not worried about anything. I’m not worried about anything. Thank you for your hard work.

She expressed her single-minded love for Furuya.

MEGUMI was hospitalized after a traffic accident in July 2005 and fell in love with Furuya at first sight when she saw him on TV. From there, she started going to live shows and attending launches. He repeatedly asked Furuya for her contact information, and after a series of furious attempts, they began dating. They ended up getting married.

Even after their marriage, MEGUMI believed in Furuya single-mindedly, saying, “She is a musician, so it can’t be helped if she has an affair. I really don’t know if she has agreed to divorce.) I don’t know if she really agreed to divorce.

MEGUMI’s office was interviewed by a sports newspaper,

If it comes to that, she will tell everyone.

(A friend of MEGUMI’s).

MEGUMI’s beauty book “Kirei ha kitaite Tsukuru Dare” (Diamond Inc.), which was released in April, became a huge bestseller, and she is highly acclaimed as an actress.

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