DJ SODA, who came to Japan again, “loves Japan”…Tears up on Korean TV show, confesses “feeling like a monkey in the zoo” and uses his “cleverness” to his advantage. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

DJ SODA, who came to Japan again, “loves Japan”…Tears up on Korean TV show, confesses “feeling like a monkey in the zoo” and uses his “cleverness” to his advantage.

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SODA plays as a DJ in an outfit that emphasizes her body line, while also showing off her pro-Japan face. ……

On September 26, Korean DJ SODA (35) appeared on MBC’s “I’m Angry Now,” tearfully revealing that he was sexually harassed at a festival held in Japan on August 13.

Speaking of DJ SODA, when he appeared at the music festival “MUSIC CIRCUS ’23” in Osaka, he was sexually harassed by an audience member who touched his breasts. The organizers of the festival filed criminal charges against three men and a woman on suspicion of indecent assault, which caused a stir on wide shows and the Internet.

The entertainers and TV commentators were all over the place in their sympathetic comments for SODA. However, there were also many slanderous comments on the Internet, such as, “You are going to get yourself in trouble” and “Don’t come to Japan anymore,” for jumping out in front of customers in revealing clothes. Hiroyuki made a splash by presenting overseas data showing that there is a relationship between the victim and the clothes he wears.

However, a month later, he came to Japan again and posted videos on SNS of him going around restaurants and other places. Many of her outfits are almost as revealing as the ones she wore when she was a victim, and there seems to be a divide between the two.

Hello, I am mental monster Soda. I’m Soda, the mental monster, and if you see me on the street, be sure to say hello. I’ll try my best to take your picture.

She continued to upload images of herself enjoying Japan, regardless of criticism on social networking sites.

SODA loves Japan, but in Korea, she is actually showing a “different face.

On the 26th, she appeared as a guest on the Korean TV program “I’m Angry Now” and recalled the sexual assault she suffered during the festival.

She said, “I was singing a song at the end of the stage like I usually do, and I was getting off the stage. But suddenly…”

She choked up and cried.

When I approached the fans, some of them suddenly touched my breasts. One of them was holding the microphone and the other was pulling my arm, so I had no choice but to let them touch me.

He explained to the effect that there was no way to escape.

He continued,

This was the first time in all my overseas performances that I had my hand inside my clothes. After the show, I felt like a monkey in the zoo. I had never been so embarrassed. I even lost about five kilos of weight back then.”

He also said that he had been mentally trapped.

He had posted on X that he was a “mental monster” for Japan, but he had been going to many restaurants, but on the talk show, he complained about the damage without showing any glimpse of such a thing. I am not sure which of the two is the real SODA, but she seems to be using different attitudes in Japan and Korea.

Although she claims to be a “Japan lover,” in the past she posted a picture of Takeshima manju from Shimane Prefecture and called it “meaningless f-ck,” or wore a comfort women T-shirt, showing her anti-Japanese face. He sometimes shows his anti-Japanese face, for example, by wearing a comfort women T-shirt.

SODA, a “mental monster,” seems to be smarter than we imagined.

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