A 31-year-old former elementary school teacher who “roughed up a girl 10 to 15 times” and “committed the crime in the hallway of her home” – shocking true picture. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 31-year-old former elementary school teacher who “roughed up a girl 10 to 15 times” and “committed the crime in the hallway of her home” – shocking true picture.

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Mizunuma, the defendant who caused the incident

From November of last year to January of this year, I violated him about 10 to 15 times,” a former elementary school teacher recalled in court.

A former elementary school teacher recalled the incident in court.

On September 25, Hiroyoshi Mizunuma, 31, was questioned at the Matsudo branch of the Chiba District Court on charges of forcible sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13. Mizunuma is a former teacher at an elementary school in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture. When asked by the prosecution about his duties as a teacher, he replied, “I lacked common sense. I let my sexual desires get the better of me.

Mizunuma committed the crimes mainly in the hallway of his home. He did not choose his bedroom or other places because they would remind him of his family. In court, he apologized, saying that he would spend the rest of his life making amends, but he should bear a heavy responsibility because he committed indecent acts with a minor girl in his position as a teacher.

FRIDAY Digital” reported on Mizunuma’s case in detail in an article distributed on March 3 of this year. We would like to recount the whole unforgivable crime and look back on the background of the many cases of teacher indecency (some parts have been corrected).

More than 200 teachers have been punished for the ninth consecutive year.

A man stares into the camera, showing no sign of offense.

On February 27, Mizunuma, a resident of Matsudo City in Chiba Prefecture, was arrested by the Nagareyama Police Station of the Chiba Prefectural Police on suspicion of kidnapping for indecent purposes and forcible sexual intercourse. In November 2010, he is alleged to have kidnapped a girl under 13 years old living in the prefecture and sexually assaulted her knowing she was a minor. Mizunuma was an elementary school teacher.

Mizunuma worked at an elementary school in Nagareyama City. The elementary school is located in a quiet residential area and the parents are very enthusiastic about education. The students were shocked by the arrest of the teacher in an indecent assault case.

This is not the first time that Mizunuma has been arrested. In January of this year, he was arrested for indecent assault on the same girl and charged with forcible sexual intercourse. This was discovered when a person related to the victim reported the incident, but when the police interviewed the girl, she reported another incident. Mizunuma admitted to the crime, saying, ‘There is no doubt about it.

The Nagareyama City Board of Education issued the following comment on the incident.

We are very sorry for the trouble and concern we have caused, and the Board of Education takes this matter very seriously. We will do our utmost to take care of the children, and we will strictly deal with the teacher in question in cooperation with the prefectural board of education.

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 215 teachers at public elementary, junior high, and high schools and special-needs schools were disciplined or given a warning for indecent behavior or sexual harassment in 2009. This was an increase of 14 over the previous year, and the number exceeded 200 for the ninth consecutive year. The breakdown of punishments was 118 dismissals, 50 suspensions, 21 salary reductions, and 2 admonishments. Sixty-seven teachers were disciplined for “touching,” followed by 47 for “voyeurism,” and 26 for “sexual intercourse.

The majority of teachers take their jobs seriously. However, there are some who have warped sexual desires toward children. For them, the educational field is a perfect place to have many opportunities to come into contact with children who are the object of their desire. The victimized child may be traumatized. Parents would not feel safe leaving their children in their care. Teachers who commit indecent acts should be punished severely.

A solid monitoring system is needed to protect children, including their parents.

Mizunuma allegedly abducted and sexually assaulted a young girl (some photos have been doctored)
Mizunuma was arrested more than once.
Mizunuma, who admitted the charges (some photos have been doctored)
Mizunuma allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a young girl.
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