Masataka Kubota, who was said to have “changed” since his marriage two years ago when he was reported to have left the stage, speaks of his current state of mind | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masataka Kubota, who was said to have “changed” since his marriage two years ago when he was reported to have left the stage, speaks of his current state of mind

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Kubota comes out of the boxing gym where he filmed “Scattered in Spring. His body, which always maintains 5% body fat, is also on display in this film (December ’22).

On September 22, Masataka Kubota (35) appeared at the opening greeting for the movie “Suite My Home” in Tokyo and reported that he had recovered from an avulsion fracture of the first cervical vertebra, saying, “I went through a lot, but my neck is now safely attached and healed.

Kubota reported his injury on his Instagram on August 21. He apologized to the audience for having to withdraw from the stage performance of “Someday,” which was to take place five days later, due to his injury, and wrote about his frustration at not being able to perform on stage. However, this latest withdrawal reminded many people of Kubota’s past attempts to get off the stage.

In March 2009, “Josei Jishin” (women’s magazine) reported that Kubota had suddenly dropped out of a play in which he was scheduled to star two weeks before the production was announced, and that his office staff was going around apologizing to all parties concerned. It seems that this was “after considering the risk of infection with a new type of coronavirus,” and although those around her tried desperately to persuade her, Kubota apparently did not bend to her will until the very end. On the other hand, he was participating in the filming of the drama “Radiation House” (Fuji TV), which was taking place at the same time, and there were some doubts about his participation.

As mentioned in this article, there were whispers at the time that “Kubota had changed since his marriage to Asami Mizukawa (40) in ’19.

According to an on-the-spot story, Kubota, who used to be indifferent about food, brought his beloved wife’s lunch every time and became a “health geek” who talked endlessly about recommended supplements. It was also reported that Mizukawa told Kubota that actors should not overload their workload.

We do not know how much credibility there is in these stories, which may have emerged in the wake of the “dropout” story. However, it seems certain that Kubota has “changed” as a result of his marriage. In an interview with “LEON” distributed on September 2, Kubota said the following.

When I’m alone, I think about things like, “I’m worried if I’m not working,” but those weird worries have been removed, and I’ve become a person without worries. Now, the most important thing is how I spend my time, which money can’t buy. Even if it takes me away from the play, I want to be free.

I have reached a point in my life where I feel that my work is a function of my personal life, and this is due in large part to the fact that I can now share many things with Mizukawa, who is also a player. He also said that he has been decluttering his house, and that it is now “completely empty.

Kubota also appeared in the movie “Haru ni sasaru” (Scattered in Spring), which was released in August. He plays the role of a world champion who stands in the way of a boxer played by Ryusei Yokohama. Yokohama’s passing of the professional boxing test was a hot topic, but Kubota had also been training for the past eight months to perfect his world champion-like body and skills. The climax of the story, the world fight, is of a quality that even boxing insiders are raving about. The final round was so “grueling” that both fighters ad-libbed their way through the fight,” said a movie writer.

Kubota continues to evolve as an actor. Changing is not necessarily a bad thing.

Kubota also played a boxer in “First Love” (2008) and “A Certain Man” (2010) (December 2010).
Kubota and Mizukawa driving in an open car in the cold weather in ”7,” before they were married (November ’17).
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