Nagasawa Opens Her Mouth to Say “Ahhh” And Hirosue Gulps — Dozen of Celebrities Caught Going Solo Enjoying Their Meal!! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nagasawa Opens Her Mouth to Say “Ahhh” And Hirosue Gulps — Dozen of Celebrities Caught Going Solo Enjoying Their Meal!!

Great actresses and top idols make everyone happy at mealtime

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Even busy actors and idols look relaxed during meals.
From in-between shoots to relaxing in their private time,
Here are some rarely-seen photos of celebrities at dinner!

Masami Nagasawa (36) Actress
Jan. 22, 2021 issue

Nagasawa is chatting with a friend at a French fry restaurant in Tokyo. She happily munched on the fries she ordered and licked the salt off her fingers.

Both popular announcers and top actresses are proudly without disguise.

MIZUTO Mami (36) MASU Taichi (42) Announcer
July 12, ’19 issue

The two enjoy lunch at a French restaurant in Ginza on a weekday afternoon. Masu ordered steak frites, and Mizuto ordered an omelette. Mizuto pays the bill, not Masu.

Ryoko Hirosue (43) Actress
Mar. 30, ’18 issue

At a Shanghai restaurant in Setagaya Ward, Hirosue was drinking Shaoxing sake with a blissful expression on her face. In a common restaurant with no private rooms, she was having a lively discussion about childcare with several acquaintances.

Yutaka Yokoyama (42) Kanjani Eight
September 18, ’20 issue

Yokoyama enjoyed Korean cuisine in Azabu Juban. He left the restaurant in a good mood after enjoying his meal for an hour and a half, even though his national tour was canceled due to Corona.

Takumi Saito (42) Actor
Sept. 1, ’17 issue

At a yakiniku restaurant in Setagaya Ward, Saito was enjoying yakiniku by himself without any disguise. He said he does not drink much alcohol, but on this day he was drinking lemon sour.

Eiji Kotoge (47) Baikingu
June 28, ’19 issue

Koge is having a hectic meal at a Chinese restaurant in Ebisu during a break from work. Sitting at a table, Koge stares at his American car parked on the street.

Mealtime is a blissful time on long shoots!

Nana Mori (22) Actress
June 16-23,2023 issue

Mori takes a light meal on the set of the drama “Cinderella in Midsummer” (Fuji TV). Although filming began in the morning, she smiled at her co-stars during breaks.

Yuriko Yoshitaka (35) Actress
Oct. 22/29, ’21 issue

Between takes of the drama “Saiai” (TBS), she smokes a location bento. She showed her mischievous side dish, which may have included her favorite side dish, and even asked for one for her manager.

Even celebrities who are supposed to be celebrities have a surprisingly commoner side

Ryo Nishikido (38) Singer
January 4 and 11, 2019 issue

He was vigorously chomping down on a beef bowl at a chain restaurant in Tokyo. Perhaps because he was so brazen, the businessmen in the restaurant did not seem to notice his presence.

Hiroshi Tamaki (43) Actor
August 10, ’07 issue

Tamaki, wearing a cap and pitch-black sunglasses, shoveling down a beef bowl. Perhaps because of his reported breakup with Rosa Kato (38) at the time, his face is tinged with melancholy.

Kendo Kobayashi (51) Geinin
Nov. 20, ’15 issue

Around 9:00 p.m., Kendo-Kobayashi was eating a beef bowl in solitude, and after eating it in 10 minutes, he went out into the night and entered a men’s esthetic salon based on the concept of a brothel.

Akari Hayami (28) Actress
Oct. 11, ’19 issue

Hayami tucking into delicious Korean food. She was accompanied by celebrity Rika Adachi (30), and after dinner they both stopped by Starbucks near Roppongi Hills.

Shiori Sato (33) TV Personality
December 11, ’20 issue

A popular standing udon restaurant in Bunkyo Ward. Sato, who is known for her love of standing-only eateries, is said to find time to visit a variety of restaurants.

From the September 29, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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