Famous Celebrities Compete at the Venice International Film Festival with “Outstanding Style” and “Glamorous Legs”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Famous Celebrities Compete at the Venice International Film Festival with “Outstanding Style” and “Glamorous Legs”!

Glamorous bosoms and beautiful legs are shown without hesitation!

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Milla Jovovich (47)] Attended in a Prada pink dress. The dress is impressive in that it is naturally dressed up without adding to the bust, yet is still classy.

Sexy dresses by famous celebrities that have been upgraded this year were also a big hit! See-through, back-cut, and slit dresses…… showed off their outstanding style and shiny beautiful legs on the red carpet.

The Venice International Film Festival is a more subdued affair than Cannes, another of the world’s three major film festivals, with fewer extreme dresses. Therefore, the revealing see-through dresses worn by Taylor Mega and Rita Ora were particularly eye-catching. Even Leila Depina, who made a splash at Cannes with her “best naked dress ever,” had much more fabric this time, perhaps to match the atmosphere of the film festival. But it is still extreme. ……” (Akika Haranishi, foreign celebrity writer)

The 80th Venice International Film Festival was the first time in 60 years that top stars were forced to cancel their participation due to a strike. The opening night of the festival was postponed due to the strike.

The stars who are members of the Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG-AFTRA) almost didn’t attend the festival this time around. Nevertheless, dresses by models, influencers, and other gorgeous celebrities decorated the festival, which closed successfully in early September. It was a great opportunity for those who wanted to stand out and be famous to create a buzz.

It was truly the stage of the American dream for these promising new stars.

Kate Beckinsale (50)] Georges Chacra’s see-through dress. The bold transparency of the dress and healthy, beautiful legs peeking out from between the deep slits.
Mila Suarez (33)] This TV personality and model appeared on an Italian reality show. Perhaps to create a buzz, she appeared in a dress that showed her underwear.
Barbara Palvin (29)] Wearing a Giorgio Armani dress. The tight black dress pulled together the sweetness of her hair style and showed just the right amount of skin.
Georgia May Jagger (31)] Wearing a dress by Pinco from Italy with a see-through stomach. Her father is British rock musician Mick Jagger (80).
Rose Bertram (28)] Alamour dress in shiny green color, with her legs and bodyline peeking out through the slit that goes almost to her waist.
Taylor Megha (29)] This bold dress almost exposed the entire upper half of her body except for her breasts. The transparency and gorgeousness of the dress made it hard to stop the shutter clicks!
Elisa Vizzari (21)] The dress is by Giorgio Armani. Elegant style with a V-cut that goes all the way down to the stomach and elegant sparkle.
Martina Di Fonte (27)] This dress was designed to cross in front of the stomach. The neckline was generously shown off and the beautiful legs glimpsed in a glamorous way.
Leila DePina (38)] Gorgeous dress with a transparent front and back. The gold-colored dress was designed to add a mature touch without being too sexy.
Rita Ora (32)] Stephane Laurent’s see-through dress. The shape of her buttocks is clearly visible, but she is wearing a beige bodysuit inside.

From the September 29, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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