Saori Yoshida and Yoshito Okubo are so close that even “suspicions of infidelity” have surfaced. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Saori Yoshida and Yoshito Okubo are so close that even “suspicions of infidelity” have surfaced.

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Live performance of “Shonan Nofu”, glamping, Disney Sea, golf, steak dinner ……
Laughing” site where we enjoyed an “adult summer vacation” together for five days in a row.

On August 15, they played a round of golf at a golf course in Saitama Prefecture from the morning. In addition to Okubo, Yoshida, and Toyonoshima, Yamashina Oyakata also participated!

The “strongest woman in the primate world” was having an affair–a surprising tip-off to FRIDAY came just before the Obon holiday.

Saori Yoshida, 40, won the National Medal of Honor for her brilliant record of 206 consecutive individual wins in women’s wrestling and 16 consecutive world championships. Saori Yoshida, 40, is the furthest thing from an affair.

She is said to have had an affair with Yoshito Okubo, 41, a former member of Japan’s national soccer team, who is known as a loving wife and a devoted father to his children.

I wondered about this when I looked at Yoshida’s social networking sites,

Glamping, it’s raining, but it’s fun.

The video of a soaking wet Yoshida making fun and barbecuing was uploaded with the text, “Glamping, it’s raining but it’s fun,” but it was exactly Okubo who was making noise with him.

The four brothers were very friendly with Yoshida and were having a great time at the swimming pool like real siblings.

In fact, the Okubo family was also seen in a video Yoshida had uploaded two days earlier. It was a duet of Yuzu’s “Tomodachi no Uta” (Friend’s Song) with former Sekiwake Toyonoshima (40) as a birthday present for Okubo, and it showed Mrs. Yoshida crying because she was so moved. If Yoshida and Okubo’s affair is true, it is a very chaotic scene. ……

The glamping event ended before noon the next day, and Yoshida and Okubo’s group left the facility in two cars.

Yoshida sat in the passenger seat of the Mercedes Benz with Okubo at the wheel. After stopping at a convenience store before getting on the highway, the group did not return home, but went to Tokyo Disney Sea.

Still not enough fun?

But the stamina of top athletes far exceeded what FRIDAY had imagined. Shortly after 7:00 the next morning, Yoshida’s SNS uploaded two shots of Okubo and Toyonoshima lined up at the golf course’s driving range with the text, “Today starts here.

After the round, the Mercedes left the clubhouse, dropped Toyonoshima off at home, and then went to a house where Okubo lived. Yoshida walked in the front door from the passenger seat with a familiar look on his face.

Upon further investigation, we found that the day before the glamping, they had gone to a “Shonan Nofu” concert, and the day after the golf outing, they had indulged in a steak dinner. In fact, Yoshida and Okubo were enjoying an “adult summer vacation” for five days in a row.

When we went to Yoshida’s apartment to question her about the alleged affair, we found that Okubo and Toyonoshima had already visited her. They are too friendly with each other. ……

— There are rumors that the two are having an affair …….

Okubo: “We? No, no, no (laugh).”

Yoshida: “That’s not true. We are good friends.”

Okubo: “But we are very close. We are almost always together.

–Yoshida: “We are all close as a family.

Yoshida “We are very close as a family.

Okubo “Well, if we were so close, it would seem strange, wouldn’t it? But the three of us and our families have traveled together to Nagasaki and slept together in a camper.

The three athletes, who met through a TV program, formed the “Dosukoi Trio. They are said to be busy training and regaining their lost youth.

As far as FRIDAY could see, they have already more than accomplished their goal. The only problem is that Yoshida’s marriage is delayed because he is getting too friendly with a married man.

They get along well and pack their golf bags in the trunk. After this, they drove Toyonoshima home and then headed to Okubo’s house
On August 13-14, they went glamping and to Disney Sea. In addition to the Okubo family, former volleyball players and others also participated.
The “Doskoi trio,” Toyonoshima (far left), Yoshida, and Okubo, are interviewed. They say they have recently been approached by people on the street.
Saori Yoshida and Yoshito Okubo are so close that even “suspicions of infidelity” have surfaced.
Saori Yoshida and Yoshito Okubo are so close that even “suspicions of infidelity” have surfaced.
Saori Yoshida and Yoshito Okubo are so close that even “suspicions of infidelity” have surfaced.

From the September 29, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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