Minami is “on the verge of exploding” with fans! All inside story of Okada’s “Donden Magic” that led Hanshin to its first championship in 18 years! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Minami is “on the verge of exploding” with fans! All inside story of Okada’s “Donden Magic” that led Hanshin to its first championship in 18 years!

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Osaka Minami was already on the verge of exploding.

As the game entered the eighth inning, the police began restricting traffic on Ebisu Bridge, making it left-hand traffic only, but the fans’ voltage only increased. When Takumi Kitamura (28), the Giants’ last batter, was greeted, Dotonbori was filled with chants of “One more! The crowd was filled with chants of “One more! After the “That’s it!” was decided, many people dived into the river, defying the police. Some of them even climbed up onto the shopping arcade and sang “Rokko Oroshi” in a frenzy,” said a man who was there.

In the frenzy of Minami. The fans were so happy that they even raised their bodies to each other for the first time.

Just around that time. Manager Akifu Okada (65), who was instrumental in the team’s first victory in 18 years, was on the dais at Koshien. In an interview with the winning team’s manager, Okada said, “I never thought I would be so popular with everyone.

I didn’t think it would spread to everyone so far. …… Well, I’d like to put that to rest today and share the victory with everyone.

The moment the two words were uttered, the packed stadium erupted in cheers.

The beer-bellied greeting was also hilarious. Only Mr. Okada could make the manager’s interview more exciting than the hero’s interview. His leadership, ability to control the hearts of the people, and ability to talk to them were outstanding in the Central League.

This year’s Hanshin team has neither a .300 hitter nor a 30-hitter like the Giants’ Kazuma Okamoto (27) or Yakult’s Munetaka Murakami (23). As of September 19, they had 79 blunders, the most in the Central League. Despite this, they were able to win the championship by a 13-game margin over second-place Hiroshima, thanks to their “Donden magic. Hanshin alumnus Keiichi Yabu said, “The crowd pulled up the person who dived into the water.

The crowd pulled him up after he dived. The teamwork of the fans was outstanding.

Most of the mainstays of the Hanshin team are young players such as Odeki Murakami (25), Kotaro Otake (28), Yusuke Oyama (28), Teruaki Sato (24), and Koji Chikamoto (28). Mr. Okada assessed the temperament of the players and flexibly adapted his responses. What he was thorough about was to have no preconceived notions. When I talked to Mr. Okada in July about Akihiro Aoyagi (29), last season’s winningest pitcher, he said, “He’s not ready yet. The ball hasn’t come to me at all. It’s not what he’s done in the past two years, it’s how he pitches now.

And he checked every game on the farm with his own eyes. When Shota Morishita (23), the first rookie right-hander to hit 10 homers since Okada-san, was chosen for the job, he said as a matter of course that it was because his timing was right when he pitched against him in the farm.

He continued. OH-ON” is also a part of his calculation⁉Donden Magic and Unparalleled Discernment that led the Hanshin to the championship In the next article, we will introduce the inside story of the astonishing “Donden Magic” as told by a Tiger reporter.

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