Why Mrs. Davy “will not disappear from TV” even though she defended Mr. Janney Kitagawa and reportedly had financial troubles. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Mrs. Davy “will not disappear from TV” even though she defended Mr. Janney Kitagawa and reportedly had financial troubles.

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Mrs. Devi has been in the news for many reasons, such as defending Mr. Janie Kitagawa and reportedly having financial troubles. ……

Mrs. Devi is suspected of having absconded with 17 million yen. In addition to the fact that she has been reported to be in trouble over money, Mrs. Devi has also been accused of running away with 17 million yen.

According to the September 7 issue of Shukan Bunshun, Mrs. Devi is in trouble for absconding with funds from Amici Japon, a charitable organization for which she served as representative director until May of this year.

She visited Ukraine in January this year to offer support to the Ukrainian people, but in fact she charged Amici Japon after the fact for travel expenses and transportation of supplies, which she was supposed to have paid out of her own pocket.

Amitie does not normally accept after-the-fact claims for expenses,” she said. However, Mrs. Kikuchi’s self-serving behavior in disregard of the company’s rules and regulations, including additional claims, was called into question, and she was dismissed from her position as representative director.

However, even after she resigned from the board of directors, she has not returned the bankbook and seal in the name of the organization, nor has she returned the 17,880,000 yen in the account.

Although Mrs. Kikuchi has recently been featured in a variety of TV programs, she has caused numerous troubles in the past and has been called a “troublemaker. She has also been involved in countless court cases.

Some of the troubles that have made the news so far are as follows,

February 2001: Sued by a woman who named Mayo Kawasaki as her lover in an affair report.
May 2002: Sued for defamation for saying to Sachiyo Nomura that she was “no more than a poisoned woman.
April 2005: Sued by a former employee for assault.
July ’12: Sued for posting a photo of another person on her blog as the mother of the perpetrator of a bullying suicide.
January ’14: Slapped by a woman on a variety show after she provoked him, and the police investigated.
February ’14: Received a warning from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for violating the Public Office Election Law by soliciting votes for a particular candidate in a mail magazine during the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

Recently, in ’19, he sought compensation from a hotel for 40 million yen worth of furs he had left in the hotel’s cloakroom that had been damaged by an employee. In fact, they were damaged before they were left in the cloakroom, and in the end, Mrs. Yamanouchi lost in a civil court case.

In 1992, I was arrested for assaulting the granddaughter of the President of the Philippines with a champagne glass in the U.S., which resulted in 37 stitches. He was later sentenced to 60 days in prison and fined $750. In addition, he slandered his co-star on social networking sites and used discriminatory terms, and other minor problems are a regular occurrence.

However, Mrs. Kuroda, who has caused so much “trouble,” has never disappeared from television. There is even an unspoken rule in the TV world that “celebrities with lawsuits should not appear on TV. Many people wonder why.

She is 83 years old, but she looks and acts in a way that one would not expect from such a young woman. Although she is occasionally flamed, her blunt remarks are popular and have won her a wide range of fans, from the young to the elderly. She is sought after for her variety shows.

His physical location work on “Sekai no Hatto de Itte Q!” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) became so popular that he is now a semi-regular on the show.

He is very firm and articulate at his age, and he has a strong sense of structure and conservatism. He is also very regimented, conservative, and pro-male chauvinistic, which makes him a voice for the right-wing conservatives that are so common in the world.

On the other hand, he also has a funny side and is popular among young girls. As for television, she is easy to use. The fact that there is no female talent of her generation to take her place is also an advantage.

Even so, the double punch of “defending Mr. Janney Kitagawa” and this “financial trouble” is likely to make it difficult for her to appear on TV in the future… But, “A decent organizer would not be able to appear on the show.

However, the number of staff members who are unable to make correct judgments is increasing because of the supremacy of numbers (viewer ratings). Also, I have heard that there have been almost no complaints about her either to the station or to the sponsors.

Many people may not be aware of Janie Kitagawa’s defensive comments because they were made on X (formerly Twitter). Or perhaps they have reached the point where they say, “That’s what he says. If the financial trouble goes to court, I think the story will change, but if it doesn’t, it will probably stay the same.

There is no doubt that he has been through a lot of upheaval in his career. Their tenacity and strength are second to none. ……

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