Mr. Hiroyuki was “banned” from a dumpling restaurant of his old enemy, Holliemon, and “complained” about it as a food producer. and “bitter words”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mr. Hiroyuki was “banned” from a dumpling restaurant of his old enemy, Holliemon, and “complained” about it as a food producer. and “bitter words”.

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Hollymon (left) and Hiroyuki (right) used to have a honeymoon relationship. ……

On September 15, businessman Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” distributed a YouTube video. In the video, he criticized the promotion of a gyoza restaurant produced by Takafumi Horie, saying

I think it would be better to do it in a straightforward way, making delicious food seriously. ……

He also expressed his complaint about the promotion of the gyoza restaurant.

During the live-streaming session on the same day, a general user commented, “Hiroyuki, Holliemon is a very nice guy.

Hiroyuki, I heard that you are banned from Holliemon’s gyoza restaurant, so don’t go there!

Don’t go there!

Horie and Hiroyuki have had a history of disagreement over the “gyoza restaurant masking incident” in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and they are still insulated from each other.

However, since the incident is often rehashed in X and other media, Mr. Horie has said that he will not be involved in the incident this time.

I didn’t do anything wrong to the gyoza shop. Therefore, I have no reason to apologize.

So I have no reason to apologize. In the same vein

So, Hikaru and I have created a delicious gyoza restaurant in Shibuya’s Meat Alley, so please come and try it. Hiroyuki and the gyoza restaurant in Onomichi are banned.

Also, Hiroyuki’s wife.

He commented on the name of the gyoza restaurant and Mr. and Mrs. Hiroyuki, while promoting the gyoza restaurant he co-produced with YouTuber Hikaru.

When a comment came in on YouTube in this vein, Hiroyuki responded.

Well, I don’t live in Japan. I don’t want to talk about this kind of thing too much because Mr. Horie might not like it.

After prefacing his comment with the following

I can understand if you promote a new restaurant by saying, “These are delicious gyoza” or “This is how the restaurant is set up, so you can feel happy. But if the promoter says, “You and that person are banned from the restaurant,” I wonder how it would look like from the standpoint of a food producer or manufacturer. I feel like that’s not right as a producer of food.

He criticized Horie’s “inflammatory business.

Citing the example of Gyugujou, which is run by former Ameagari Kesshitai member Hiroyuki Miyasako, Hiroyuki said

Hiroyuki gave the restaurant a favorable review, saying, “The food was good as usual.”

Hiroyuki initially said that the food was “good as usual. At first, Hiroyuki said

“It will probably go out of business soon.

But when he went to the restaurant, he found it to be so good that it is still in operation. Based on this, he again questioned Horie’s publicity for the gyoza restaurant.

He said, “Hiroyuki has said several times in his delivery that he would like to make up with me if he could,” but people around him keep stirring things up like they did this time, and Horie regularly mentions Hiroyuki’s name to pick fights, so I don’t think they can be “ex-sayonara. However, people around them are agitating like they did this time, and Mr. Horie regularly mentions Hiroyuki’s name and picks fights with him.

(A TV station insider) “I wonder if Holliemon wanted to promote the gyoza restaurant so much that he wanted to enlist the help of his “arch-enemy” Hiroyuki. ……

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