Keanu Reeves: A discovery shot of his “favorite” secret dinner that he really wanted to have in Japan! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keanu Reeves: A discovery shot of his “favorite” secret dinner that he really wanted to have in Japan!

After a live performance in Yokohama by the rock band on which she plays bass, a black-colored car pulled up in Nishiazabu.

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After his concert in Yokohama, he visited a yakiniku restaurant in Nishiazabu, where he enjoyed his favorite grilled meat and ramen during his two-day stay!

Another side of the Hollywood star – that of a super cool musician!

One night in September at around 10:30 p.m., a black-colored hired car pulled up in Nishiazabu. Among those getting out of the car, a tall man stands out in particular: Keanu Reeves (59), a well-known Japanophile.

The group passed through the elegant noren (curtain) and entered a high-class yakiniku restaurant at the end of a gentle spiral staircase. The last order had already passed, but it seemed that the restaurant had been notified. The VIP treatment is as one would expect from a yakiniku restaurant that charges at least 30,000 yen per person for a private hire car and extended business hours…….

About three hours after entering the restaurant, a little after 1:30 a.m., the lights on the spiral staircase come back on. Keanu came out to the ground with a satisfied smile on his face and got into the hired car again.

He is not only an actor,” said Keanu, “but also the bassist of ‘Dogstar,’ a band that was touring Japan. He is a big ramen fan and has favorite restaurants all over Japan, where he drinks all the soup. This time, he visited a ramen restaurant in Yokohama, where he was performing, and fell in love with it.

It seems that his favorite “yakiniku and ramen” has captivated the stomachs of even the biggest stars.

Keanu had traveled from Osaka for the concert. Arriving at Shin-Yokohama Station with his bass and suitcase in both hands and a backpack on his back.
Keanu Reeves’ “favorite” dinner that he really wanted to have in Japan was discovered and photographed.

From the September 29 , 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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