A Human Rights Group Filed a Lawsuit for Public Indecency Against Popular South Korea Female Singer — Hwasa! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A Human Rights Group Filed a Lawsuit for Public Indecency Against Popular South Korea Female Singer — Hwasa!

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Hwasa became the center of the uproar (PHOTO: REX/Afro)

Hwasa was a terror attack on a large number of people. It is a crime of public indecency.

The head of the “Solidarity for the Protection of Human Rights of Student Parents,” who appeared on CBS Radio in South Korea on September 11, said, “It is a crime of indecent exposure and a crime against human rights. The person criticized for indecent exposure was Hwasa, 28, a member of the girl group “MAMAMOO.”

MAMAMOO is a popular four-member group that debuted in 2002. They have released many hit songs such as “Yes I am” and “You’re the Best,” and made their debut in Japan in July 2018. Hwasa, the youngest member, is also a solo singer. She is also a charismatic figure among young people, as the dress she wears was ranked No. 1 in search rankings,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper.

In July this year, the aforementioned human rights organization filed a police complaint against Hwasa for a certain performance, and in August, Fasa was summoned to the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul for questioning. Fasa’s agency commented, “It is true that we are under investigation. We will respond with sincerity.

Both legs spread wide…

What was the content of Hwasa’s performance that was considered problematic?

The first incident that triggered the furore was a school festival live performance held in May on the campus of Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. Hwasa went on stage in hot pants and sat with her legs spread wide apart. She also pretended to lick her hands with her tongue and made a gesture as if she was patting a specific part of her body. Human rights groups called this performance problematic, saying that it reminded them of sexual relations and caused people to feel shame.

When the human rights group made the accusation, Hwasa was inundated with criticism. At a talk event with the members of the group, Hwasa expressed her feelings, saying, “I don’t mind malicious posts, but this time it was terrible.” She even cried at the hotel where she was staying.

“Human rights groups have also criticized Hwasa. Hwasa seems to be heartbroken by the malicious comments, but she should take responsibility for her fans who have been emotionally hurt. On the other hand, there are those who defend that artistic freedom should not be interfered with. If the fans who were present at the event were to accuse them of being offended, that is one thing, but third parties should not interfere too much,” they say.

The extreme performance by a popular female singer in South Korea has stirred up controversy. Depending on the decision of the police, this could lead to further disturbances.

Hwasa was originally known for his extreme performances
Hwasa, the youngest member of MAMAMOO
Live performance at a university triggered a big commotion
Hwasa was accused of public indecency
  • PHOTO REX/Afro

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