What’s Important Is Colors That Suit You and Your Bone Structure” — A 50-something Old Man Reporter Tried “Become the One Who Is Loved!” Private Lesson | FRIDAY DIGITAL

What’s Important Is Colors That Suit You and Your Bone Structure” — A 50-something Old Man Reporter Tried “Become the One Who Is Loved!” Private Lesson

A reporter of this magazine goes undercover to report on the latest marriage activity situation.

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Personal color diagnosis in progress. A person is diagnosed on what suits him or her by matching colors from each of the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.

A major marriage activity service, O-Net, started a service called “Self Improvement Learning” in June for its members who are struggling with their marriage activities. Continuing from Part 1, “Appearance is important in marriage activity, ” a 50-something male reporter’s self-polishing experience, this report is about a 50-something male reporter’s attempt to become “the one who will be loved” by others.

This is a personal lesson by Ms. Makiko Shimotori, a stylist, in Aonet’s “Self Improvement Learning” program.

Ms. Makiko Shimotori’s approach is to use styling to express what is lacking in the self-promotion created during the interview, or in some cases, to incorporate parts of the self-promotion that are difficult to express in the styling. After the interview, the client is asked to make a diagnosis for styling.

Specifically, a personal color diagnosis and a skeletal structure diagnosis are conducted to determine what to wear. Personal color is determined based on the color of one’s skin, hair, etc. To put it simply, it is “the color that suits you. There are two types: yellow-based and blue-based. Yellow is further divided into spring and fall, and blue into summer and winter. If the colors do not suit you, your skin will look dull and tired, and your wrinkles will appear darker, making you look older. According to the results of the diagnosis, my personal color is “summer. I was shown a selection of “summer” colors.

Ms. Shimotori said, “Pink looks good on you.”

I probably haven’t worn pink in my entire life.

Summer” has a classic and elegant image, and is the most common color type among Japanese people. So it is easy to choose what to wear. However, they are often worn by other people, which dilutes the impression of the wearer, so it is necessary to express one’s own personality.

Next, the skeletal structure diagnosis. I am a wave type. What does that mean?

I have a thin neck and front shoulders, and my body line tends to be S-shaped. My waist is low, so clothes that define the waist well suit me. Since their necks are narrow, they wear parkas and turtlenecks with high collars; V-necks are best avoided because they make the body look long, and it is best to choose pants that do not accentuate X- or O-shaped legs and to coordinate clothes that draw the eye upward.

We then moved to Hankyu Men’s Tokyo in Yurakucho for the attendant shopping. It is a chic place with a completely different atmosphere from the place where I usually go to buy clothes (about once every three years).

So, taking into consideration “summer” and “waves,” my “kindness” (though I am not really kind) that I want to appeal to, youthfulness, cleanliness that is absolutely necessary for marriage activity, and an atmosphere that is not too stylish that women might feel self-conscious, Mr. Shimotori coordinates my hair. Mr. Shimotori will coordinate the outfit for you. Normally, the process is to have the clothes coordinated according to one’s budget and then buy them if one likes them, but this time, Mr. Shimotori did it without regard to one’s budget.

Mr. Shimotori chose a staggered plaid jacket and a slightly pale pink knit. It was the first time in my life that I had ever worn such a combination. The finished me is shown in the top photo of the first part. The glasses and hairstyle were also recommended by Mr. Shimotori, and I changed them from what I usually wear.

I was complimented by everyone: “You look so cool,” “It’s like you’re not Mr. XX,” “You look great.”

I get compliments from everyone. It was as if they were going to make me buy some expensive vase. But when I look in the mirror, I see that I am indeed different from usual. But that doesn’t mean I’m far from the impression I gave myself. Normally, I don’t feel like I look good in anything I wear, and I even hate looking in the fitting room mirror, but I do look in this one.

I have been avoiding focusing on my appearance for a long time, partly because I thought “I’m an old man anyway,” but I thought it was important to have my appearance improved from an objective point of view. My self-esteem was a little higher, and I felt like I could be more active in my marriage. I heard that some people wish to do attendant shopping every season.

By the way, when I looked at the price tag, I pretended I didn’t see it because the jacket alone was about twice my shopping budget.

During my skeletal diagnosis. I thought I was a macho type “straight” because I exercised when I was younger, but I was shocked to find that I was not at all!
Attend shopping. I am a little nervous because the atmosphere is different from the place where I usually go to buy clothes.
Completion. (Jacket, knitwear, chief by LARDINI, pants, slip-on shoes by AOURE, glasses by MASUNAGA)
A “young-looking” version. (Jacket, knitwear “LARDINI”, pants, slip-on “AOURE”, glasses “MASUNAGA”)
He even took a picture of me like this!
  • PHOTO Shinji Hamasaki Cooperation for the interview Hankyu Men's Tokyo

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