Sad End for Severely Emaciated Defendant Gershey: “Johnny’s Null’s Sex-abuse Revelations Have Been Ignored,” Gold Bullion Has Been Stolen, and People Have Left… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sad End for Severely Emaciated Defendant Gershey: “Johnny’s Null’s Sex-abuse Revelations Have Been Ignored,” Gold Bullion Has Been Stolen, and People Have Left…

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Gershey was arrested soon after his return to Japan and transferred to the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters with a mysterious look on his face (June ’23).

I felt like a ravenous beast with its fangs pulled out.

Takashi Tachibana, a member of the “Party to Protect the People from NHK,” a political organization that supported Gershey (Yoshikazu Azumaya), 51, in last summer’s Upper House election, mused.

The first trial of Gershey, a former member of the House of Councillors accused of defamation and violating the Violent Activities Law (habitual threats) against actor Go Ayano and others, was held at the Tokyo District Court on September 19.

Gershey’s blond hair had grown back to the length it was when he was arrested, and he weighed more than 10 kg. Mr. Tachibana, who watched from the sidelines, expressed his surprise in his opening remarks.

Gershey’s specialty is his talk, which he delivers in a Kansai dialect.

He speaks in the Kansai dialect.

and “expose” have been trending, but on this day, he said

I will spend the rest of my life making amends. This trial will be my first apology.

Ayano bowed deeply.

Ayano’s deposition was also read at the trial.

The revelations (by defendant Gershey) nearly destroyed her spirit. He said that he wanted to see Ayano punished severely for his revelations.

Ayano expressed his desire to be punished severely.

In the past, Gershey had boldly stated that he would prove Ayano’s ugly stories one by one in court, but in the end, he did not refute Ayano’s claims at all. A sports newspaper reporter in charge of entertainment who knows defendant Gershey explained the reason for his withdrawal as follows: “Gershey was charged with five crimes.

Gyasi has been indicted on five counts, the most serious of which is habitual threats, which carries a possible sentence of five years or more in prison if found guilty. Gershey has long been of the opinion that going to jail is a waste of precious time in one’s life.

“So he wants to win a suspended sentence at any cost. His strategy seems to be to repeat his apologies and remorseful speeches and to fight only the habitual threats.”

Gershey’s defense team is made up of a number of powerful lawyers, including Hiroki Takahashi, known as “Reiwa’s acquittal contractor,” as well as other lawyers who have been prosecuted by the Yamekko Lawyer Association. They have assembled the strongest team of lawyers in the world, with no regard for money.

The money that Gershey has made from his exposé videos and membership salon is in the hundreds of millions of yen. Most of it is likely to be used for legal fees and compensation. It’s a very fateful story,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

Another incident also occurred in the vicinity of defendant Gershey. In the early afternoon of December 29 last year, a burglar broke into a room on the first floor of a condominium in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, and stole approximately 20 million yen in cash, 26 gold bars, a wristwatch, and 129 other items (totaling approximately 171.5 million yen).

The crime scene was the family home of a male acquaintance of defendant Gershey, where the man’s mother lives alone. In January of this year, the police raided the house of a man who was related to defendant Gershey.

The owner of the stolen cash and gold was Mr. X, who was a producer of the “Gershey Theater” series, and is currently living abroad for an extended period of time.

The three suspects in this massive burglary case were arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on September 13, and it is believed that they knew each other and had an instructor based on the analysis of the seized smartphones.

The stolen cash and gold bullion were never found. In February of this year, after the incident, Gershey made a video in which he gave the real names of several former yakuza and semi-greasy gangsters and talked about his theory of the burglary case. Since there are clear signs that he was targeted, the authorities are carefully investigating the case.

Gershey would have pursued the case vigorously, but since he is in detention, he is unable to do anything.

Gershey, the “darling of the times,” has lost a lot of weight and is now awaiting the judgment of the judiciary. The much-publicized issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s Office can be traced back to defendant Gershey, who was the first to hear from former Johnny’s Jr. member Cowan Okamoto about the actual damage done to him, before the BBC did.

However, no one appreciated that fact, and many people had forgotten about the existence of Mr. Gershey.

The incident caused people to leave Gershey’s circle of friends and family. What remained could be a large amount of debt. He appeared on the Internet like a shining star last February, but his fall was swift.

The trial will be held once every two months until next February, with the first verdict expected in spring at the earliest. What does Mr. Gershey think now?

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