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Foreign Audiences Shocked by “Radio Shonen” Showing “Life in Confinement”! Possibility of becoming a spark following the problem with Johnny’s.

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Nasubi continues his steady activities as an actor (Photo: Jiji Press Photo)

Many viewers may have felt nostalgia as well as surprise when the celebrity Nasubi (48) appeared in the TV series “Ranman” (NHK Sogo), starring Ryunosuke Kamiki.

Nasubi is now attracting attention in the movie industry as well. The variety show “Shinnu,” which was immensely popular in the late 90s, is now attracting attention in the film industry! The Contestant,” a British documentary film about Nasubi, who became the man of the hour with her “Denpa Shonen-teki Sweepstakes Life,” a popular variety show in the late 1990s on Nippon Television Network Corporation, had its world premiere at the 48th Toronto International Film Festival in early September.

The film’s content is as follows: “People can make a living only by winning prizes.

The film is about a contestant who is given a large number of postcards and a loaf of bread, and begins a life in the nude in order to reach a goal of 1 million yen. In the solitude of his apartment, where he could not talk to anyone, he silently continued to write postcards. The “winning dance” that she performed when she won a prize was also popular, and the program drew high viewer ratings at the time of its broadcast. Nasubi also became a popular figure.

On the other hand, her mental health was gradually eroded by the never-ending life of the prize, and she was driven to the point of contemplating suicide. He was also cut off from information, and even Nasubi did not know that his prize-winning life was being broadcasted. The captivity of the prize-winning life lasted as long as 15 months.

Foreign audiences who saw the film were surprised and shocked by the spectacular life.

On social networking sites, comments such as “That program was a serious violation of human rights,” “Even in this day and age, that’s out of the question,” and “That program was a serious violation of human rights,” were made. Even in this day and age, it’s still out of bounds.

It is shocking not only to foreign viewers but also to young Japanese viewers, so there is a good chance that it will be viewed as a problem going back to the past.

The man behind “Denpa Shonen-teki Sweepstakes Seikatsu” at the time was Toshio Tsuchiya, a.k.a. “Director T,” who also appeared in the program himself, and who also worked on the series of unannounced locations with MCs Akiko Matsumoto and Kunihiro Matsumura and the “Hitchhiking across Eurasia” program during the “Saruiwaishi” era that led to the emergence of Hiroyuki Ariyoshi! Denpa Shonen” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), which led to the emergence of Hiroyuki Ariyoshi as a star in his own right.

At the time, Nippon TV was lagging behind other stations in terms of viewer ratings, and “Denpa Shonen” was just a fill-in show for the previous program (“UCCHAN NANCHAN with SHA.LA.LA.”), so there were no expectations at all. Mr. Tsuchiya said, “Then let’s do whatever we want,” and it became a hit. After that, he had to go to extremes to keep the viewers from getting bored.

However, Nasubi has distanced herself from Mr. Tsuchiya immediately after his appearance on the program because of her distrust of him. What is of interest is the current relationship between the two.

Tsuchiya-san seems to have been tormented by remorse when he learned of Nasubi’s mental illness. He said, ‘It’s hard for me to see him, but if Nasubi is at an event in Fukushima (Nasubi’s hometown), he’ll come out,’ and they are hosting and co-hosting a Fukushima-related event.” He appeared in an interview in the movie, but Tsuchiya said, ‘I don’t want to talk about this movie'” (a source in the entertainment industry).

Right now, the Japanese entertainment industry is being scrutinized by the world over the issue of Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault.

Although the show is more than 20 years old, the response to the film has been huge. It is quite possible that it will be tied to the Johnny’s issue and taken up as a human rights issue.

It seems that the screening of the film at a time when the entertainment world is being rocked by the Johnny’s issue was too ill-timed.

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