A “janitor” who volunteers to be an ambassador for an overseas brand is puzzled by the person in charge of the project. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A “janitor” who volunteers to be an ambassador for an overseas brand is puzzled by the person in charge of the project.

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Sho Sakurai also serves as “Japan Rugby Ambassador 2023″…

The dominoes of contract cancellations for commercials featuring Japanese talents continue unabated.

Even companies that once said they would continue their contracts, such as Mos Food Service of Mos Burger, which used Shota Watanabe (30) and Raoul (20) of Snow Man in its commercials, have decided not to continue their contracts, and have announced that they will change their current TV commercials and advertisements as soon as possible. The company has announced that it will “make changes as soon as possible” to its current TV commercials and advertisements.

Aflac Life Insurance, which features Sho Sakurai (41), has begun considering the possibility of signing a contract directly with the celebrity, without going through his office. If this trend continues, it may only be a matter of time before there are no more TV commercials featuring Japanese talents. Perhaps it is against this backdrop that the Japanese are now being introduced to the world through overseas high-brand stores,

I would like you to approach the head office to see if you can become an ambassador for the brand.

In order to obtain an ambassador contract on their own, an increasing number of Johnny’s talents are negotiating directly with foreign high-brand shops.

You have probably heard of Japanese actresses and models who have become ambassadors for foreign high-end brands and cosmetic brands. Typical ambassador jobs include sitting in the front row at local fashion shows and events, modeling for fashion magazines carrying the brand on their backs, and appearing in TV commercials. The length of the contract varies, and in many cases, the ambassadors are appointed only for a short period of time when the so-called “fireworks” are set off.

If an ambassador of a foreign brand is added to the title, it creates a fashionable image and adds prestige when walking on the runway. Unlike a decade or two ago, nowadays it is said that just by adding “walking the runway” = “modeling” to one’s profile, the number of fans in one’s age group increases dramatically.

In the past, actresses and actors were considered to be definitely more prestigious than models, but this is not the case today. Actresses and actors with modeling backgrounds even have “runway” in their profiles and note their appearances in fashion shows.

Among Johnny’s, Takuya Kimura (50) is at the top of the list, and his Instagram photos of himself wearing clothes, shoes, and accessories that are clearly high-brand are spreading rapidly. In fact, each brand store has its own “jani-supporter,” a person in charge of the customers, who is always present when they visit the store, watching over their purchases and sometimes helping to select gifts. They are definitely “customers,

However, “At present, the head office has said ‘no’ to the use of Japanese celebrities as ambassadors,” said Mr. Kurokawa. It is difficult to tell the celebrities that their schedules do not allow them to be ambassadors, so we have to be blunt about it, but one Johnny’s celebrity stayed in the store for hours and would not leave. But one of the Japanese celebrities stayed in the restaurant for several hours and would not leave.

The veteran male staff member in charge of the “janitorial staff” was bewildered. There is a reason why they have not given up on being ambassadors.

The so-called “retired Janis” are chosen as ambassadors relatively easily. Tomohisa Yamashita, Jin Akanishi, Ryo Nishikido, and others often appeared in fashion magazines carrying high brands even when they were not appearing on terrestrial TV. Even though they are quit Janis, this class has a large number of fans, so it is extremely likely that they will lead to purchases. Moreover, these three are also very popular with men. They are the perfect ambassadors for a high brand that is popular with both women and men.

Even now, there seems to be a sense among Johnny’s talents that, “Since even the retired Johnny’s are being sought after by high brands, it is only natural that Johnny’s talents would be appointed as ambassadors more smoothly. It is true that the issue of sexual assault is not the responsibility of the individual talent, but they seem to be out of touch with public opinion.

After Janie Kitagawa’s office admitted to sexual assault, foreign fashion brands were the first to say “no” to Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault before Japanese companies. The “janitorial staff” should be under siege in the advertising industry. When will they come to their senses?

What will happen to Takuya Kimura’s ambassador contract with Nissan…
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