Masami Nagasawa, Asami Mizuto, Anna …… 12 secret shots of celebrities who never show their “holo-drunken” faces on TV. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masami Nagasawa, Asami Mizuto, Anna …… 12 secret shots of celebrities who never show their “holo-drunken” faces on TV.

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Special Project Unexpected friendships were also revealed!
Many of you must have enjoyed drinking and renewing old friendships during the summer, the first time in four years that there were no masks on. Enjoy the stories of 24 people who got along well with each other through co-starring, hometown ties, and more!

Female announcers of the same station have a great time in Nishiazabu!

Nana Suzue (43) Asami Mizuto (36) Mei Nakajima (33)
November 11, ’16 issue

At around 7 p.m. in Nishi-Azabu (Minato-ku), female TV announcers attend a “24-Hour TV” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) consolation party. Mizuto, who had just enjoyed a high-class French dinner that cost no less than 30,000 yen per person, took the initiative to catch a cab and saw off the senior announcers.

A handsome co-star of the hit TV drama

Asami Mizukawa (40) Masami Nagasawa (36)
July 25, ’08 issue

The two co-starred in the drama “Last Friends” (Fuji TV) in ’08. The group drank at a horumonyaki restaurant in Shibuya until 11 pm. As Nagasawa walked around taking selfies and tried to take a group photo, Mizukawa gave Nagasawa a passionate kiss on the cheek!

KUROKI Hana (33) Yō Yoshida
Nov. 30, ’18 issue

Kuroki and Yoshida, both noted bi-players, were in Nakameguro and appeared to be holo-drunk. The two hit it off in the NHK morning drama “Jun to Ai. Whenever Yoshida plays with other junior actresses, Kuroki is said to be so jealous that she asks, “Why not me? When Yoshida plays with other junior actresses, she is said to be jealous of them.

Erika Toda (35)
April 19, ’19 issue

After enjoying sushi with three other related parties, we went to the second restaurant, Galette. There was no private room, and despite being in full view of the restaurant through the glass, she laughed openly. She was once a popular woman in love, but now she is a mother of one, struggling to raise her child with her husband, Momori Matsuzaka (34).

Nana Mori (22)
July 28, 2011 issue

We found her in Kabukicho drinking at lunchtime, busy with TV dramas and movies. She was enjoying girl talk with her girlfriends at a very inexpensive bar or on the terrace of an Italian bar. The people around her didn’t seem to notice her as she walked around town in her natural habitat.

Rika Adachi (30) Akari Hayami (28)
October 11, ’19 issue

After enjoying takkan mari, a Korean version of mizutaki (rice cooked in a pot), until around 11 p.m. in Azabu Juban, the two got into a cab while chatting and laughing. Adachi got married this June, and they must have become friends with whom they can talk about each other’s marital problems, etc.

Ayako Kato (38)
November 1, ’19 issue

Katopan showed up at a famous French restaurant in Hiroo (Shibuya-ku) with three men she knew.’ At the time in ’19, she had just discovered her love affair with NAOTO (40), the leader of “J SOUL BROTHERS III. They laughed a lot and drank wine one after another from the beginning of the show.

The four handsome actors all had holo-drunken smiles on their faces!

Shun Oguri (40) Ryo Narita (29) Yudai Chiba (34) Yasushi Seto (35)
December 7, ’18 issue

A little past 10 pm in November, a group of four handsome actors appeared from a quiet residential area in Setagaya Ward. They had all performed together before, and they were all gathered together with Oguri, the most senior of the four, in the center. The three men bowed deeply to Oguri in front of the restaurant, as if Oguri had bought them drinks that day.

The comedians who shared the underclassmen’s time together

Naoki Matayoshi of Peace (43) Satoshi Mukai of Panther (37)

Comedians Matayoshi and Mukai were having a drink at a motsu nabe (hotpot) restaurant in Nakameguro, which is located in a back alley. The two used to share a room. After leaving the restaurant around 11:30 p.m., Matayoshi drank too much and gulped down a plastic bottle of water in his mouth.

Junichi Kawamoto (48) Razor Ramon RG (49)
April 27, ’12 issue

A birthday party for Kawamoto was held in Nishi-Azabu with Shingo Fujimori (40) of “Oriental Radio” as the host. Kawamoto was excited by the appearance of Yoko Minamino (56), and when she noticed the FRIDAY camera, she rubbed shoulders with RG, who was dressed as her avatar, and said, “Take a picture, take a picture!

Amako Inter Nagisa (39) SHIMOFURI MYOJO Seiya (30)
December 3, 2009 issue

The two are senior and junior members who have known each other since their days in Osaka. On this day, they were drinking together from 10 p.m. until the date changed at an Akachochochin-type restaurant. Seiya, who had been trained by Nagisa, bowed deeply 90 degrees to Nagisa as he left in a cab.

Chidori Daigo (43) Imada Koji (57)
October 5, ’18 issue

It’s past eight o’clock in the evening in Nishiazabu. Imada is alone at a restaurant that sells fresh jidori chicken. At 2:30 a.m., about an hour and a half past closing time, Imada leaves the restaurant and finds Daigo next to him. Several junior comedians were enjoying the night of “The Single Aristocrats.

From the September 15 and 22, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

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