President Julie Fujishima herself appeared on the stage… The too heavy contents of the “Human Declaration” that shook the existence value of Johnny’s Office. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

President Julie Fujishima herself appeared on the stage… The too heavy contents of the “Human Declaration” that shook the existence value of Johnny’s Office.

Akio Nakamori's Theory of Johnny's of Desire Introduction (1)

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The “Human Declaration” by President Julie Fujishima

The value of idols in Johnny’s s office has changed drastically. The date is clear. May 14, 2011, 9:00 p.m. President Keiko Fujishima appeared on the official homepage of the agency, and distributed a video of herself.

Keiko Fujishima, president of the Johnny’s office, apologizes (from the company website).

I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for the public outcry over the sexual assault of our founder, Janie Kitagawa. First and foremost, I would like to extend my deepest and most sincere apologies to those who have complained of harm.”

As he said, he bowed his head deeply. This is a serious matter. First of all, this is the first time I have seen the face of the president of Johnny’s, the first time I have seen her move and speak. I had never seen either the late Janie Kitagawa or her sister Mary Kitagawa on television. Therefore, I was struck by the impact of the event.

I felt that the history of the entertainment industry had been changed. To put it bluntly, it reminded me of Emperor Showa’s “Declaration of Humanity” on January 1, 1946.

Of course, it may have been obvious even before and during the war that the Emperor was a human being. However, it is important that the Emperor himself “acknowledged” and “publicly declared” that he was a human being. Later, Keiko Fujishima Julie Keiko stepped down as president.

Janney’s Sexual Assault “Certainly Was”

Similarly, Janney Kitagawa’s sexual abuse has been widely talked about for a long time. Not only have there been books of confessions by former talents, including Kouji Kita of the Four Leaves, and reports in some weekly magazines, but it has actually been confirmed in a civil court case (2004).

Janney Kitagawa getting into his car in the underground parking lot of the Imperial Theatre

However, it has not been widely reported. In particular, television did not report it at all. This is significant. Before the spread of the Internet, if TV did not report it, it was as if it did not exist. Therefore, Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault was treated as a rumor or an urban legend.

However, the apology video completely overturned this notion. Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault was real. No, in the written statement (in response to questions from various quarters) released with the apology video, he carefully avoids explicitly stating, “It is not easy to say in one word whether or not I acknowledge the individual accusations as ‘fact’ because the person concerned, Janney Kitagawa, is deceased. In the end, he later admitted the existence of sexual assault at a press conference.

Of course, sexual assault is unacceptable. It would be legally and ethically out of line. But I am not a journalist who investigates and verifies facts. I am an idol critic. I have been writing about idols for nearly 40 years. Since my critique focuses on female idols, Johnny’s is not my area of expertise, so to speak. Even so, this incident made me think a lot. Really, does this have nothing to do with me?

Fans are also “complicit” with Janie Kitagawa

We saw a variety of opinions. We note a series of tweets (May 15) by Daisuke Kawasaki, a writer and former editor-in-chief of a music magazine. He summarized the peculiarities of Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault as follows.

From Kawasaki’s Twitter (now X) post

<1: The perpetrator of sexual assault against minors himself continued to produce children and boys as his “idols,” 2: His “production techniques” were so successful that Johnny’s talent continued to exert “tremendous control” over the entertainment industry, the mass media, and even the political and business world, and 3: Control means the power of the media and the entertainment industry. 3: Dominance is also influence. Therefore, the “Johnny’s style” sense of beauty and values continued to pervade not only the Japanese entertainment industry, but also every corner of popular culture for the younger generation.

In addition, <“Johnny’s” idols shining on stage were clearly an externalization of the “sexual gaze” of the “sexual predator” Johnny Kitagawa>, and <in other words, the “entertainment production ability” of Johnny Kitagawa and “his dark sexual abuse impulses” were inseparable>. In other words, “the ability to produce entertainment” and “his dark sexual abuse impulses” were inseparable and originated from the “very same” root. (Omitted.) The boys coated with “his gaze” were presented to him on a plate with the words, “Would you all like to join us? (omitted) The boys coated with “his gaze” were presented on a plate, and this was “Johnny’s idols” in a commercialized state. And in fact, countless girls and others “gathered around the table together. Semantically speaking. Of course, if they “shared” the gaze of sexual predators, they were unquestionably “accomplices.

This is a poignant argument. Fans of Johnny’s idols are also “accomplices” in his sexual assault.

In the next article, “The ‘Deep-rooted Disease’ of Johnny’s That Plagues Noriyuki Higashiyama, ‘Can Johnny’s Continue to Exist as It Is?

  • Interview and text by Akio Nakamori Photo Takao Kawakami (Mr. Janie Kitagawa)

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