Driller” Yuko Obuchi’s “Never-forgettable scars” comment has in common a “kindred spirit” with “Eiffel sister” Rui Matsukawa. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Driller” Yuko Obuchi’s “Never-forgettable scars” comment has in common a “kindred spirit” with “Eiffel sister” Rui Matsukawa.

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Yuko Obuchi, a member of the House of Representatives, was nominated as the chairperson of the Election Committee in Kishida’s second reshuffled cabinet. When pointed out about her past scandals, she said: ……

She said, “As I move forward as a politician, I will reflect on what happened at that time and move forward with it as a wound that I will never forget.

Yuko Obuchi, who has been appointed as the chairperson of the LDP’s four-member election task force, said tearfully.

Obuchi has long been derided on the Internet as “Drill Yuko.

She became Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry in 2002, but soon after, opaque accounting practices were discovered in the income and expenditure reports of her supporters’ association and other documents. He was even suspected of violating the Public Offices Election Law by giving wine with his picture on it to voters in his constituency.

To make matters worse, when the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office raided his house, the hard disk of his computer, which had been destroyed with an electric drill, was found, forcing him to resign as METI minister after only a month and a half in office.

The scene shown at the beginning of this article was when Obuchi was confronted by a reporter about the “drilling incident” in the past.

However, Obuchi’s phrase “a wound that will never be forgotten” was disputed. On the Internet, the following comments were made

It’s as if he was “wounded,” even though he had it coming to him.
Isn’t it wrong to say “mistake” instead of “injury”?
“You’re playing the victim, aren’t you?

Obuchi’s comments were met with such bitterness as “You’re playing the victim, aren’t you?

Obuchi is also known to be close to Rui Matsukawa, a member of the House of Councilors, known as “Eiffel’s sister,” who was in hot water over the issue of training in France by the LDP Women’s Bureau.

Although Matsukawa and the others traveled to France under the guise of “training,” they had a great time posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. When this drew public outrage, Matsukawa was summoned to the LDP headquarters and told by Obuchi, who was then the head of the Organizing Campaign Headquarters, that he had been “misleading and misrepresenting information inappropriately.

Obuchi, who was then head of the organizing campaign headquarters, warned Matsukawa, “I don’t want you to be misunderstood because of the inappropriate information you have sent out.”

The two men, however, had long been aware of the “inappropriate” nature of their relationship. However, the two had been “drinking buddies” for some time, and the verbal warning was seen by many as a “lenient punishment.

Matsukawa and Imai Eriko, a member of the House of Councilors, have stressed that the training in France was “meaningful,” but they have yet to report on the results of their training. While evading interviews by the media, Matsukawa has also expressed his resentment to those around him, saying, “I had a tough time.

This “victim mentality” is similar to that of Obuchi. All I can say is, “I guess they are friends of the same kind.

According to a nationwide emergency telephone poll conducted by Kyodo News, 58.8% of the respondents said that Mr. Obuchi’s selection as the election campaign chairman was “not appropriate.

Mr. Obuchi’s appointment was largely supported by Yoshiro Mori, the “Don of the Abe faction. Mr. Obuchi’s appointment is largely due to support from Yoshiro Mori, the don of the Abe faction. It is also strange that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe fell to a bullet and Mr. Mori still has great influence in the Abe faction,” said a political insider.

In the “Shukan Bunshun” (weekly magazine), published on January 14, Obuchi’s new political fund handling problem was reported, and he said, “I did it without violating the law at all.

Mr. Obuchi denied it, saying, “I am doing what I am allowed to do without violating the law at all.

He denied that he had done anything against the law. He denied any moral responsibility, saying, “There is none at all.

Ms. Obuchi is the daughter of the late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi and is unrivaled in elections in her hometown of Gunma. Nevertheless, she is still a hereditary Diet member and is reputed to be a lady by nature. At the same time, she is also known for her laxity, and she will continue to be targeted by the media.

Obuchi also showed glimpses of his “weakness” as a politician, such as when he looked back on the “drilling incident” at the press conference and immediately burst into tears. The public is left wondering what the future holds for Obuchi and his “Eiffel sister.

There was speculation that Prime Minister Fumio Kishida would use the cabinet reshuffle as a springboard to dissolve the Diet before the end of the year, but since the reception to Obuchi’s appointment has been unfavorable, it seems likely that he will postpone the move. ……

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