Riho Yoshioka’s eyelashes are so long..! Fans cheered with “Waiting for a kiss? and fans rejoice! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Riho Yoshioka’s eyelashes are so long..! Fans cheered with “Waiting for a kiss? and fans rejoice!

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Actress Riho Yoshioka (30) updated her Instagram. The actress revealed a photo of herself with her mask on and off, which received rave reviews from fans.

Yoshioka showed a natural photo of herself with her eyes lightly closed. It looks like a face waiting for a kiss, which makes me a little nervous. …… (From her Instagram @riho_yoshioka)

On September 11, Yoshioka posted a long comment beginning with “Tomorrow is the last episode of ‘Shizuka and Papa’ ……,” in which she expressed her sincere feelings about the drama series “Shizuka and Papa” (NHK) in which she appeared.

The filming itself was long ago. The filming itself was a long time ago, and it was during a time of many restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis, I remember it was especially difficult to practice sign language and act while wearing a mask at the time.

I remember how much it meant to me to be able to see the other person’s facial expression and to be able to turn my head to look at them. I realized how much I appreciated the fact that I could see the other person’s facial expression and that they could turn to me in order to communicate with me.

Yoshioka recalls the time when he was filming the drama.

It was an important work that gave me important words that would become a guideline for my life as well.

Thank you for being who you are.”

He concluded, “Thank you for being who you are,” and posted a profile photo of him with his eyes closed, wearing a mask, and a photo of him with the mask removed.

In response to this post, fans praised the drama, saying,“It’s a really wonderful work that makes me laugh, cry, and realize things,” “It’s a masterpiece by Riho Yoshioka,” and “Your kind and warm words have saved my life many times.She looks like she’s waiting for a kiss…! She looks like she’s waiting for a kiss…” “Her eyelashes are so long! I’m so healed!” and “I’m so healed!” were some of the comments.

The drama “Shizuka and Papa” is a home comedy that was broadcast on BS Premium in March 2010 and won various domestic awards including the Hoso Bunka Foundation Award.

Yoshioka played the role of Shizuka Nonomura, the daughter of her father Junsuke Nonomura (played by Tsurube Shofukutei), who is deaf since birth. This broadcast was a re-edited version, and the final episode was broadcast on September 12.

Yoshioka got her big break in 2005 with her role as a bad girl in the drama “Quartet” (TBS), and since then she has continued to appear in high-profile productions.

This year, she has appeared in a series of dramas, including “Gannibal,” a drama distributed by Disney Plus, and “God’s Hand” (TV Tokyo), and in October, a new drama “Toki wo Kakeru Na, Koibito-tachi” (Kantele and Fuji TV) will begin airing, in which she will co-star with Eita Nagayama.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of his debut, and we can’t take our eyes off of Yoshioka, who continues to shine brightly. ……

Yoshioka wearing a mask. You can clearly see his small face. …… (From her Instagram @riho_yoshioka)

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