Gorgeous members gathered… “Snow Man” and others came to the first day of the stage “DREAM BOYS”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gorgeous members gathered… “Snow Man” and others came to the first day of the stage “DREAM BOYS”!

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It has been two days since the press conference at Johnny’s. During the press conference, Noriyuki Higashiyama (56) announced his appointment as the new president, and also admitted the sexual assault of the late Janie Kitagawa. Subsequently, “JAL” and other companies announced that they would no longer use Johnny’s talents in their commercials.

The entire group of Johnny’s talents is beginning to bear the brunt of the fallout from the appointment of longtime celebrity Higashiyama as president. The talent is required to present their views on wide-ranging shows, and on social networking sites, the talent is sometimes slammed, saying that they may have turned a blind eye to sexual assault” ( TV station insider)

Teru Iwamoto (left) and Tatsuya Fukasawa of “Snow Man” are especially close “sympathizers” within the group. They visited the backstage entrance of Watanabe’s stage with souvenirs on his first day.

The curtain opened at the Imperial Theatre on the first day of Johnny’s annual stage production of “Dream Boys. Unlike previous years, the opening day of this annual event was held quietly, with little or no coverage on the wide news media, but the backstage entrance was even more crowded than usual.

This year’s lead actor was Shota Watanabe of Snow Man Shota Watanabe (30) of Shota Watanabe (30) of “Snow Man” and Shintaro Morimoto (30) of “SixTONES Shintaro Morimoto (26) of The first performance of the show was held at the Kashiwa Theater in Tokyo, Japan. Before the first performance, Shota Watanabe (30) and Shintaro Morimoto (26) of Snow Man and SixTONES, respectively, performed in the first performance. Teru Iwamoto (30) and Tatsuya Fukasawa (30) of and Tatsuya Fukasawa(31) and Jesse (27) of “SixTONES Jesse (27) of “SixTONES visited the backstage. It is a common practice for Johnny’s to attend the stage performances of their friends from the same group, but it was unusual for so many to rush to the venue on the first day of the show. It seems that they came to cheer up the two leading actors, who were anxious right after the press conference, along with some food. a source from the show business office).

Jesse (right) of “SixTONES” and TV personality Oziel Nozaki (48, center) came to see the performance. Morimoto (left), who came to see them off, was all smiles throughout, perhaps soothed by their lively atmosphere.

The theater was also filled with more heavyweights. Koichi Domoto (44) of “KinKi Kids” was there.

Domoto is directing “DREAM BOYS The production of “DREAM BOYS” was directed by Koichi Domoto, 44, of “KinKi Kids” fame. Domoto is the person in the office who, after Mr. Janney’s death, was very determined to pass on the stage know-how he had learned from Mr. Janney to the younger members of the group. He was one of the talents who had many opportunities to talk directly with Mr. Janney, and although he may have been confused by the recent turmoil, he solemnly attended the first day of the show. (The same as above).

Domoto running to the backstage entrance. He was dressed in a black set-up, even though he was in the backstage.

Due to the trend of their sponsors, it is expected that we will see fewer opportunities to see them on TV in the future. In addition, it is expected that the talents will move to new offices or leave the company, but it may be that the unity among the talents is growing stronger because of the headwinds.

On this day, Jesse had lunch with his good friend Oziel and went to see a play. He offered Morimoto a good that, when held in his hand, reduces stress.
Jesse and Oziel were boisterous from start to finish until they left, and Morimoto couldn’t help but have this expression on his face.
Snow Man” has performed on many stages during their Jr. Iwamoto and Fukazawa also appeared in “DREAM BOYS” in the past.
  • PHOTO Takayuki Ogawauchi

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