The day when “Johnny’s Talent will disappear” from TV due to “withdrawal of program sponsors” as well as “no renewal of commercials”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The day when “Johnny’s Talent will disappear” from TV due to “withdrawal of program sponsors” as well as “no renewal of commercials”.

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At the press conference, new president Noriyuki Higashiyama took the lead, emphasizing “reform.” ……

The former “entertainment industry leader” is now a mere shadow of his former self, and has become a “snob” in the eyes of the public.

One after another, major companies have announced that they will not renew their commercial contracts with Johnny’s due to the sexual assault scandal involving the former president of Johnny’s, Mr. Kitagawa.

At a press conference on September 12, Takeshi Niinami, president of the Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives) and current president of Suntory Holdings Ltd.

He said, “This is an admission of child abuse, and will be internationally condemned.

He also stated that he would “cut off all ties with Johnny’s.” According to a survey by Tokyo Shoko Research Inc.

According to a survey by Tokyo Shoko Research, the Johnny’s’s office group has 226 business partners. Since there are many major companies, it seems that the company has decided that Johnny’s is “out of the picture” in terms of compliance.

The problem is that the company is not in compliance with the law. The problem is that former president Julie Fujishima has refused to give up all of her shares in the company in order to facilitate compensation, and that the company name “Johnny’s” will continue to be used.

And the new president, Noriyuki Higashiyama The new president, Noriyuki Higashiyama, has written a book exposing allegations that he himself had engaged in sexual assault in the past, and there is the question of whether it is appropriate for such a person to face the victims.

While many companies are concerned about contracts with Johnny’s, Aflac Life Insurance is considering changing to an individual contract with Sho Sakurai of Arashi fame. Aflac Life Insurance is considering changing its contract to an individual contract with Sho Sakurai, a member of Arashi.

If this kind of thing can be allowed to go unchecked, then there is no reason for the office to exist at all, and Johnny’s may have pulled off a “heavy-handed” move by announcing that the office would pay the talent a salary after not receiving compensation for a year.

What will happen to the contract with sponsors in the future?

The reason for this is very strange. “Even though the commercial contract with the talent is terminated, there is no problem with Johnny’s talent appearing in the sponsored programs. Even though Johnny’s will not be paid for a year, if a huge amount of money is given to the TV station by the company, and the TV station uses that money to produce a program featuring Johnny’s talent, then it is the same thing.

In the eyes of the public, the sponsor is considered to be “good” for the Japanese talent. The internet is prone to “boycotts” and other such actions, so if the name “Johnny’s” is attached to a program, the “money-makers” will tend to flee. It is inevitable that the appearance of Johnny’s talents will be reconsidered in the future during the revision period.

While hundreds of victims are expected to be killed, the talent, including Higashiyama and Sakurai, are all saying, “I’ve heard rumors about it. If they knew of Mr. Janney’s sexual assault and failed to stop it from happening to their junior members, then they can’t be held responsible for the spread.

It seems that simply changing the name of the company or transferring the talent from one office to another will not clear up the problem.


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