Botan Ichikawa, Danjuro Ichikawa’s eldest daughter, passed an audition for an entertainment agency. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Botan Ichikawa, Danjuro Ichikawa’s eldest daughter, passed an audition for an entertainment agency.

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Two of the most “parental idiots” in the entertainment world

On September 2, Danjuro Ichikawa Shirasaru XIII (45) updated his blog. He announced that his eldest daughter, Botan Ichikawa IV (12), a dancer, had passed an audition. The specifics of what the audition was about were not disclosed,

Reichu (Botan’s real name) passed the audition…Congratulations!

She wrote of her joyful state of mind, “I am also very, very happy. From a fan,

“It’s really admirable that she was chosen out of all the competitors.

I love beautiful, kind, hardworking, and intelligent Rika-chan. I’m rooting for you!

Reika has already received many congratulatory messages from fans in April this year. In April this year, Danjuro revealed on his blog that Reichu had already joined the entertainment agency Blooming Agency, writing, “We had a lot of discussions with Reichu.

After much discussion with Reichu, we have decided to let her follow the path she has chosen as a parent.

“You only live once, so you should go in the direction you want to go. I think so.

He expressed his feelings as a father thinking of his child. In August of the same year, Reichu officially assumed the name of Botan Ichikawa IV. It was thought that she would continue her career as a dancer, but that does not seem to be the case. In an interview with a sports newspaper last August, she said,

I think you have to work really hard to become a dancer. I would like to try it when I have many experiences and my beliefs become stronger. I am especially interested in narration.

and confessed that she longs to be an announcer under the influence of her mother, Mao. Is it possible that she joined an entertainment agency in order to cultivate her talent toward her ultimate goal of becoming an announcer?

Before joining an entertainment agency, she had already appeared in TV dramas, distributed dramas, and educational programs, and she has been active as a talent, even dubbing for TV dramas and educational programs. I was a little surprised at Danjuro’s ‘parental stupidity.

says an executive of a major entertainment company. And then, he added, “Danjuro hid his name from us,

Even if she passed the audition by hiding her name so that no one would know she was Danjuro’s daughter, she is indeed overly optimistic. This would make her look like a parent’s daughter to anyone who sees her. I think it would have been better for her to refrain from sending out messages until her abilities are recognized and appreciated…. I understand that she loves her daughter so much, but Danjuro’s presence may become a burden to her.

He sounded the alarm bells. The pears gardeners were not happy to see Danjuro,

“He is just like Shizuka Kudo’s (53) mother and daughter.

Some in the pears garden were sarcastic, saying that Danjuro was “just like Shizuka Kudo’s (53) mother and daughter. But that seems to mean, “Take a cue from Shizuka! But that seems to mean, “Take a cue from Shizuka!

Shizuka, who adores her two daughters and has shown great skill in producing Koki, is said to be “cunning,” but her strategy is very clever. She promotes and produces her daughter well. As a result, she may attract compliments from others for her “face,” but she never praises her daughter herself. Danjuro might want to follow his example.

The two are similar in that they are both “parental idiots” and “doting parents. Shizuka, however, seems to be a step ahead of Danjuro in this respect.

  • PHOTO. Sota Shima (Danjuro Ichikawa) and Shu Nishihara (Shizuka Kudo)

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