“You’ll regret this for the rest of your life!” said the judge! The shivering courtroom of the “Kudo-kai” president “The number two changed his claim at once. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“You’ll regret this for the rest of your life!” said the judge! The shivering courtroom of the “Kudo-kai” president “The number two changed his claim at once.

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Nomura Accompanied by investigators during a raid on the Kudo-kai. Photographed in April 2010 (Image: Kyodo News)

Nomura instructed the defendant to keep him out of the investigation on his own initiative without consulting him.

This was the defense’s argument at the first hearing of an appeal by the Kudo-kai, a designated dangerous crime syndicate, held at the Fukuoka High Court on September 13. The defendants are Kudo-kai’s top leader, Satoru Nomura, 76, and its number two, Chairman Fumio Taue, 67. The defense changed its argument regarding the two cases in dispute, in which Tagomi had denied any involvement at the first trial.

He admitted his involvement in the cases, saying, “I made up my mind to tell the truth in the face of the fact that Nomura, who had nothing to do with the cases, was found guilty.

He admitted his involvement in the cases.

At the first trial, Nomura was sentenced to death and Tague to life imprisonment. The defense pointed out that “despite a complete lack of direct evidence, the defendant gathered indirect facts and piled up inferences upon inferences. The defense criticized the first-instance verdict.

The prosecution, on the other hand, is seeking dismissal of the appeal, saying, “The first trial decision is reasonable in light of the reality of the Kudo-kai. The change in Tague’s allegation was made in order to ‘exonerate Nomura from criminal responsibility,’ and he claims that ‘it is hard to believe that he would attack the head of the Kudo Kai without permission.

In an article distributed on August 26, 2009, FRIDAY Digital reported that Nomura was intimidating the presiding judge in the courtroom of the first trial where he was sentenced to death. I would like to recount the tense and shivering trial.

(The article has been modified.) “You’re awful, you know. ……

Fukuoka District Court 101 legal.

The defendant Nomura, who had been calmly listening to the presiding judge’s remarks, suddenly changed when the main sentence was announced. He stood up from the long chair near the witness stand and threatened the presiding judge, saying, “I was asking for a fair trial.

I was asking for a fair trial. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a fair trial. You will regret this for the rest of your life!

Tagomi, who was also being tried, said immediately after leaving the courtroom.

I’m sorry, you’re terrible, ……. Mr. Adachi!”

On August 24, 2009, the Fukuoka District Court (Tsutomu Adachi presiding) handed down a serious verdict. Nomura, the head of the Kudo-kai, was sentenced to death as requested. The defendant Tague was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The kicker was the “summit operation” launched by the Fukuoka Prefectural Police in September 2002 to arrest Nomura and other Kudokai leaders en masse. The top Kudo-kai officials were found to be involved in four heinous incidents in 1998, including the shooting death of a former fishing union head and the stabbing of a dentist. A 3,800-strong team of investigators arrested Nomura and others.

The trial will begin in October 2007. The Fukuoka District Court excluded the case from the jury trial on the grounds that there was a risk of harm to the elected officials. Nomura spent nearly seven years in detention, but he had expressed confidence in his innocence. There was no clear evidence to support his involvement as the perpetrator of the crime,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

Kudo-kai is headquartered in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Its existence is special. Locally, it is known and feared as a “violent organization. A resident of Kitakyushu City tells us, “There was an injury case involving the Kudo-kai.

I once asked a victim of a Kudo-kai-related injury what happened. He patted me on the shoulder and said, ‘It’s for your own good. He patted me on the shoulder and said, ‘It’s for your own good. It’s better for you not to know anything. You have parents and siblings in your hometown. If you pry into them too much, you’ll get into trouble.

If a problem arose, he would sometimes touch ordinary people. It was a long time ago that a bar in Kitakyushu City had a sign posted on the front door that said, ‘No gangs allowed. After a while, the bar was in such a shambles that it had been destroyed by firearms. It is said that the Kudo-kai warehouse stored weapons that would surprise even the Self-Defense Forces, such as anti-tank rocket launchers. It seems that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, no matter what the means.”

Reason for the shudder that caused all the defense lawyers to be dismissed

As Nomura confidently stated, there was no clear evidence of the involvement of the Kudo-kai’s top leaders in the four incidents that the police considered problematic. However, the unity of the Kudo-kai is so strong that every morning, Nomura is greeted by senior Kudo-kai members sitting on their haunches. Chief Judge Adachi ruled that it was “unthinkable that a gang member would initiate an incident alone without the permission of the two defendants,” and thus he made the heavy decision to sentence the defendants.

There are special circumstances behind the protracted trial.

The defendant was confident of his innocence due to the lack of clear evidence. The defense team is said to have explained to him that he could win an acquittal. However, when the case was opened, the defendant was sentenced to death. Nomura’s expectations were disappointed, and in July 2010, just before the deadline for filing a notice of appeal, he dismissed all 10 members of his defense team. Thanks to this, the schedule was once and for all cancelled,” said a judicial affairs reporter for a national newspaper.

At the appeal hearing, the defense’s claim of “inference” and “lack of direct evidence” from the first trial will become a point of contention.

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