Naniwa boy “Kazuya Ohashi” talks about his love for Takuya Kimura’s Johnny’s on a TV program. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Naniwa boy “Kazuya Ohashi” talks about his love for Takuya Kimura’s Johnny’s on a TV program.

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Naniwa Danshi,” who also served as the main personality of this year’s “24 Hour TV

Actor Takuya Kimura boasts overwhelming charisma and has established an unshakable position within the Johnny’s office. Recently, he revealed on his Instagram page that he had seen a play performed by a junior actor, which drew a surprised reaction from his fans. These days, Kimura is said to be actively involved with young talent from Johnny’s.

Kimura updated his Instagram on August 24. He reported that he went to see “Beetlejuice,” a musical starring SixTONES’ Jesse, on the same day. He also showed a selfie with a pamphlet, saying, “Oh no, applause,” and “Thank you so much to the staff and cast for all your hard work. Thank you very much~ (original text),” and paid tribute to those involved in the film.

In fact, it was rare for Kimura to visit the stage of his juniors, and Japanese fans were impressed because ‘I never had an image of Kimura-kun observing the work of his juniors! Jesse, I’m so happy for you,’ and ‘Jesse, you’re amazing! The two had co-starred in the 13th serial drama “Ando Lloyd – A.I. knows LOVE?

Kimura also seems to be getting closer to Naniwa-boy Kazuya Ohashi. The reason is that on the August 22 broadcast of “Odoru, Sanma Goten! Sanma Goten! (Nippon Television Network Corporation) on August 22, Kimura invited Ohashi to dinner and confessed that they communicate via LINE.

In the program, the theme was “What got me excited recently,” and Ohashi said excitedly, “I got Takuya Kimura’s contact information. Although they belong to the same office, they had never had a chance to get to know each other before. “He invited me out to dinner, not for work,” Ohashi said. There was a meeting that was like, ‘Come without hesitation,’ and that’s where I got his contact information.

Then the host, Akashiya Sanma, asked, “Are you really on LINE? He replied, “That’s right . I said to Mr. Kimura, “Let’s make Johnny’s more exciting together. I said to Mr. Kimura. He replied, “Don’t enliven them. You have to lift them up. I thought that was cool!  He seemed impressed by Kimura . Among Johnny’s fans on the Internet,

I think Kimura’s comment about “lifting up” must have resonated with the younger members of the group.
It’s cool that Takuya Kimura said “lift up” instead of “boost up.
When he said “lift up” instead of “enliven,” it shows his strong will to support the office with everyone.

This was a topic of conversation.

Takuya Kimura’s radio show “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by Spotify” (TOKYO FM) has featured other Japanese talents in the past, including members of SixTONES and Snow Man. Each time, fans of the junior members have been impressed by Kimura’s “divine response.

This July, Travis Japan’s Tatsuya Shimegake, Kaito Nakamura, and Kaito Miyachika appeared as monthly guests. They made their worldwide debut last October with a single for distribution, but there were twists and turns during their Johnny’s Jr. days, as they missed the debuts of SixTONES, Snow Man, and others, and experienced a samurai training in the United States. Kimura was there to talk about these difficult times, and he was very popular with Travis Japan fans, who said he was a good listener and was kind enough to bring up topics without breaking off the conversation in the middle of a sentence.

Recently, some media have reported that Kimura may leave Johnny’s because of the sexual assault case of former president, Mr. Kitagawa. However, as the Ohashi episode shows, Kimura’s “love for Johnny’s” seems to be stronger than expected. He may be planning to stay on and back up the office with his junior colleagues.

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