Dramas and new shows starting in October… Why Sekuzo’s Fuma Kikuchi is the “hope star” of the next generation of Johnny’s. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dramas and new shows starting in October… Why Sekuzo’s Fuma Kikuchi is the “hope star” of the next generation of Johnny’s.

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In “Uso Kekkon,” he plays a seemingly cool, popular guy in both work and love (June ’23).

Fuma Kikuchi (28) of Sexy Zone stars in the drama series “Uso Kekkon” (Kantele/Fuji TV), which has been well received by viewers. Although the drama starts at 11 p.m. on Tuesday night and the ratings average around 3%, it has 967,000 registered viewers on Tver (as of September 13, 2011). The drama is a GP drama “Trillion Game” (TBS) starring Ren Meguro, which has 959,000 viewers, narrowly ahead of Tver’s “Tokina Kiui’i.

The drama is based on the comic of the same name by Kiui Tokina. The drama is based on a comic book by the same name by Kiui Tokina, in which the president of a successful design firm, played by Kikuchi, who is popular with women, enters into a “fake marriage” with the heroine, played by Neru Nagahama (25), a childhood friend whom he met by chance, for a limited time in order to obtain the title of a married man.

Kikuchi, who at first glance appears to be cool to Nagahama, is actually his first love, whom he has been secretly longing for…this is a straightforward romantic comedy. Many people seem to fall for Kikuchi’s gap performance, where he pretends to be cool, but secretly he is madly in love with Nagahama, but when the moment comes, he is hot for her.

Kikuchi, who has been active in variety shows for the past three years, has been active in TV dramas ever since she played the role of a childhood friend who falls in love with the heroine, Kaya Kiyohara (21), in “Fight Song” (TBS) in the January season last year.

This year, in addition to “Uso Kikon,” he also appeared in “Daihyoin Jyutaku” (NTV) and “Neighbor’s Boy Eats Well” (TV Tokyo), and will star in his first GP drama series in “Zeicho: ‘I Can’t Pay’ Has a Cause” (NTV), which will start in October. It will be his first starring role in a GP drama series, and his fourth in a row. Also in October, he will start a variety show “Something Interesting” (Fuji TV), which he will co-host with Shinobu Hasegawa (45) of Sisonne. (Fuji Television Network), which will also start in October.

He has shown on YouTube’s “Janino Channel” that he is not only good at his own talk, but also at giving the nods to his seniors, including Ninomiya, and that he has a unique ability to make a surprise show in which he is completely naked despite being an idol, He is also popular among people who are not fans of Johnny’s. He has been an individual for a while in dramas and variety shows.

It is probably rare for a Johnny’s talent to receive such a large number of offers for drama and variety shows in one season. Also, when a talent is exposed in such a variety of ways, there are some who dislike the smell of being “pushed by the office,” but in his case, there are no such voices.

Of course, many of his current jobs were probably created before the sexual assault issue shook up the existence of the office, but with sponsors leaving the Johnny’s office one after another since the September 7 press conference, and the future use of Johnny’s talent on TV programs in doubt, it is hard to imagine that this pace will continue. It is hard to imagine that this pace will continue. However, many are hopeful that Kikuchi will be able to lead the new generation of Johnny’s. “In January of this year, Kikuchi was invited to the Akasaka Ice House,” said a member of the Akasaka Ice House Association.

In January of this year, the “Johnny’s Coming-of-Age Ceremony” was held at the Hikawa Shrine in Akasaka for the first time in 17 years. This was witnessed by Akihiko Inohara and Taichi Kokubun. After last year’s series of dark news, such as the withdrawal of former vice president Hideaki Takizawa and the announcement of the breakup of Kimpuri, this was the first bright topic for the office in a long time.

Kikuchi was said to be the initiator of this event. It is said that Kikuchi’s rank in the office has risen because of this event. He also has a wide range of friendships within the office because of his amiable nature. In the future, I think he will be the one to carry Johnny’s on his back” (sports newspaper reporter).

(Sports newspaper reporter) It is reported that Kikuchi has been providing mental care to the younger members of Jr. since the sexual assault issue came into the spotlight. It may be natural that Kikuchi, who has been increasing his presence as a talent, is expected to take the lead in the future of the office.

On location for “Uso Wedding,” this cool expression even under the scorching sun (June ’23).
On location for “Fight Song. She played the role of a childhood friend of the heroine, Kaya Kiyohara, who is secretly in love with her (February 2010).
The location shooting was held in a shopping arcade in Nakameguro and was packed with female fans who came to see Kikuchi. Perhaps as a service to his fans, Kikuchi wandered around in a conspicuous place every time the camera cut to a scene (February 2010).
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