show must go on!”…Takuya Kimura’s “Unexplained Insta-post immediately after Johnny’s press conference” Special Background | FRIDAY DIGITAL

show must go on!”…Takuya Kimura’s “Unexplained Insta-post immediately after Johnny’s press conference” Special Background

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Fans could not help but be appalled by this post…

Show must go on!

Takuya Kimura (50) updated his Instagram immediately after his press conference at Johnny’s on September 7. The social networking site had a photo of him posing in a salute-like pose with an idiom known as Mr. Janney’s motto, but he deleted it by September 10 in response to growing criticism,

Kim Tak, you are so lame!

I’m so disappointed in Kim Tak.

I’m so disappointed in Kim Tak, he’s so lame.

In the past, Kimura had never been in the spotlight in the series of news reports about Johnny’s. But at the end of August, some media outlets began to take notice of Kimura’s actions. Then, at the end of August, some media outlets mentioned the possibility of Kimura’s leaving the office.

The reasons given were that Kimura, who has been the face of the office, is now in a negative situation, and that Shiseido may have withdrawn its plans to use Kimura in a commercial for men’s cosmetics after this fall, citing the “sexual assault” issue as the reason. However, in fact, there are other reasons. In fact, however, there is another reason. A Kimura acquaintance said,

I am aware that it is true that Kimura-san has expressed his intention to leave the group. I heard that Kimura-san, who was informed of Higashiyama-san’s appointment as president, has an opposing viewpoint.

He said. Until now, Kimura and Higashiyama have had little contact on the surface. Although we have not heard of any disagreement between the two, a source with knowledge of the inner workings of Johnny’s office offered this analysis: “Higashiyama is a member of ‘Shonen-tai’ (boys’ band).

Higashiyama quickly rose to stardom after debuting with the “Shonen-tai” group, and as a pioneer who helped shape the group into what it is today, he has long been a leader among the group’s talents. On the other hand, Kimura’s SMAP did not do well for a while after their debut, and Mr. Janney asked them, “Why aren’t you selling? Mr. Janney asked them, “Why aren’t you selling? After that, “Shonen-tai” was practically disbanded after 2008, while “SMAP” led the office as the top group until it was disbanded in 2004.

It is true that the two have been rivals in some ways, and that Kimura has been more successful as an actor than Higashiyama in his individual activities, but Higashiyama has been more successful in dramas that have been made into series for each other on TV Asahi. Against this backdrop, allegations of power harassment and sexual harassment regarding a talent belonging to Higashiyama were reported. If true, this would be unforgivable for Kimura, who is known for his affection for his junior staff. I think Kimura may have objected to it based on that background.

On the other hand, there is this view. According to an executive at a well-established entertainment agency,

“Whether it’s his decision to leave or his Instagram posts, I think he’s just out of focus.

If you look at his behavior from the past, you can see that he is a bit out of focus in asserting himself at important junctures. For example, here is a scene from a charity event for the Great East Japan Earthquake held at the Yoyogi Gymnasium in April ’11…”

He told us with a look of dismay on his face. It was an episode from “Marching J,” a three-day fundraising event held from April 1, 2011, with the participation of all of Johnny’s talents.

On the second day, SMAP made an appearance, and more than 170,000 fans stood in line for 12 hours to donate. While all the members were dressed in subdued black outfits, Kimura was dressed in a flashy outfit that resembled clouds and the sky, with the top half of his jacket in pure white and the bottom half and his pants in bright blue.

There was an atmosphere of “That’s just not right,” even among the fans. The next day, the 3rd, he wore a plain camouflage jumper, so he must have thought to himself, ‘I made a mistake yesterday.

The executive continued.

It’s subtle. Whenever he has to announce something at the critical moment, he always tries to stand out. It’s at times like that that I think you should ask Shizuka (wife Shizuka Kudo) for her judgment. ……

I think that the latest incident with the resignation was not something that he had a clear idea of what he was going to say, but rather something that he said emotionally. I think that’s all there is to it. He has finally decided to stay at the office, but the treatment of Kimura will likely be a focal point going forward.”

We will have to keep an eye on Kimura’s words and actions from now on.

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