The office declines remuneration…Maruyama of Kanjani, Nishihata and Nagao of Naniwa…Japanese talents are enjoying their romance. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The office declines remuneration…Maruyama of Kanjani, Nishihata and Nagao of Naniwa…Japanese talents are enjoying their romance.

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Ryuhei Maruyama of “Kanjani Eight” was found to be in love with a woman 19 years younger than him. Johnny’s is in a “tizzy” over the sexual assault issue. ……

Johnny’s is in the midst of an unprecedented uproar due to the sexual misconduct of its founder, Mr. Kitagawa. The company has been forced to take an unprecedented approach, such as holding an apology press conference with “unlimited time” after the change of president from Keiko Fujishima Julie to Noriyuki Higashiyama, a former member of “Shonen-tai” (boy band).

On September 13, the company announced the establishment of a “Victims’ Relief Committee” consisting of three lawyers who are former judges. It appears that they will be responsible for compensating the victims.

In addition, the company will pay all appearance fees incurred from advertisements and programs to its talent for the next one year. They have also announced that they will not receive any remuneration as an entertainment production company, and they are probably trying to somehow stop sponsors from leaving the company.

In the face of such “fumbling” by the management, celebrities are being discovered to be in love one after another.

In August, the Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) scooped up a love affair between Daigo Nishihata, a member of the rapidly popular “Naniwa Boys,” and Natsuyasu Adachi, an announcer at Yomiuri Television. It was also reported that Kento Nagao of the same group was in a love triangle over his seniors, Kennaga Senga of “Kis-My-Ft2” and former SKE48 and ex-sexy actress Yuua Mikami.

Also, Ryuhei Maruyama of “Kanjani Eight” was reportedly in a love affair with an office worker 19 years younger than him. In addition, a “bed photo” of him with a girl who seems to be a member of Johnny’s Jr. was leaked on the Internet, causing a firestorm among fans. It is really rare to see Johnny’s’s love affairs being discussed so many times in a row,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

Nishihata, Nagao, Senga, Maruyama, and Jr. It is an unusual situation that so many stories have been reported in the past month or so. Behind the scenes, the influence of the reports of sexual assault can be seen.

The staff has been struggling to deal with sponsors and TV stations left and right, even more so than the change of president. It’s not easy, but we are not in a position to manage the talent as well as we used to.

Moreover, it seems that the “discovery” of the mass media will no longer work as it has up to now, and I suspect that more and more reports of romance will appear from now on. ……

Fans are becoming more and more upset over the issue of Janney’s sexual assault. On top of that, the news of a “favorite” being romantically involved is a real “bee in a china shop” situation.


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