Kim Tak and Kamenashi are in big trouble… Declined remuneration and sponsors are turning their backs on them, making a review of “next year’s Japanese dramas” inevitable. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kim Tak and Kamenashi are in big trouble… Declined remuneration and sponsors are turning their backs on them, making a review of “next year’s Japanese dramas” inevitable.

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Takuya Kimura is reportedly scheduled to star in a drama series in the April season next year. However, he has been losing sponsors. ……

Johnny’s is getting impatient.

On September 13, the company announced on its official website compensation for damage and measures to prevent recurrence in the wake of the sexual assault by the late founder, Janie Kitagawa.

The late Janie Kitagawa, the perpetrator, and our company’s structure are to blame,” the company reiterated.

He reiterated that “the late Janie Kitagawa, the perpetrator, and our company’s system are to blame.

“We will pay all fees to the talent themselves, and we will not receive any compensation as an entertainment production company.

The clients of the Johnny’s agency are large and small.

Johnny’s has more than 200 clients, both large and small. The fees for commercials, which are considered to be the most “cost-effective,” as well as for various programs, are paid to the talent themselves.

All fees are paid to the talent at …….

This is an unusual situation.

This is due, in part, to the fact that the client companies have not stopped “leaving Johnny’s” since the press conference on March 7.

Although Keiko Fujishima Julie resigned as president and Noriyuki Higashiyama was appointed as the new president, Julie remains as the representative director holding 100% of the company’s shares, so it is no wonder that the company has been judged as “nothing has changed.

So far, Tokio Marine & Nichido, Japan Airlines, Asahi Group Holdings, Kirin Holdings, Sapporo Holdings, Nissan Motor, McDonald’s Japan, Kao Corporation, Mos Food Service, and other sponsors have announced their review of the contract.

On the 13th, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries announced that Shigeru Jojima of “Tokio”, who was appointed as the “Noufuku Ambassador” to disseminate information related to agriculture, would suspend his activities for the time being. This is the first time that a move to avoid Johnny’s has been revealed by the central ministry.

Johnny’s is also in turmoil internally because of this unexpected turn of events. The new president, Higashiyama, and others held an emergency executive meeting to discuss measures to keep the clients in line. It seems that this “no-funding strategy” is the answer, but it remains to be seen whether it will be effective.

Kamenashi and other popular actors are no strangers to this.

Johnny’s” is now positioned as a company created by a rare sexual predator. Even though the full amount of the fee is paid to the talent, the Johnny’s’s office is still the first point of contact, and at that point, the company is not willing to deal with a company that is “not conscious of human rights.

“We did business with a company that has little awareness of human rights.

At that point, the company may be judged as “having done business with a company that lacks awareness of human rights.

It seems as if Johnny’s is still unaware of the gravity of the situation. If it has come this far, the only option is to change the company’s name. From there, they will have to create a new structure.

A senior executive of a major entertainment company said as much. The reason he goes so far as to say this is because the “shift away from Johnny’s” is directly related to the world of television.

With the exception of NHK, commercial TV stations are dependent on sponsor revenues. The fact that a program is broadcast means that the sponsors have given their approval for the program to be broadcast. In other words, if the sponsors say “no,” the station will not be able to continue.

There is a possibility that sponsors will shun Johnny’s programs in the future. The station’s sales staff has been very busy recently, talking with major advertising agencies day after day.

The programming schedule is already set for next year, and several dramas starring Johnny’s talents have been decided. Even if the most recent October season is not possible, there is a possibility that the casting of dramas for the January season next year will be changed.

In the January season, Fuji Television is scheduled to air “Ooku,” and Kazuya Kamenashi was reportedly cast in the drama. It is also said that a drama starring Takuya Kimura has been unofficially confirmed for the April season on the TV Asahi network, but it is inevitable that this will have some impact.

Johnny’s is planning to announce new measures to prevent recurrence and compensation for the victims by the end of the month. The “new Higashiyama regime” will start on October 1, but we did not expect the public headwinds to be as strong as they have been.

A reporter from a sports newspaper said, “There is a possibility that what was announced at the press conference on October 7 will be drastically changed.

The Johnny’s office has been the largest agency in Japan since its establishment.

Will the Johnny’s office be able to get out of the biggest pinch it has been in its history?

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