Casting rights for Johnny’s… “I heard rumors of sexual assault,” but “anomalies” in the entertainment industry that never surfaced. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Casting rights for Johnny’s… “I heard rumors of sexual assault,” but “anomalies” in the entertainment industry that never surfaced.

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The management team of Johnny’s’s office held an apology press conference. Julie Fujishima resigned and Noriyuki Higashiyama took over as president. ……

I never thought that the mighty Johnny’s s… ……

Many newspaper and TV people say so. Johnny’s has been such a hidden power in the industry ever since I can remember.

What was so great was that they held the casting rights for TV. For dramas starring Johnny’s talents, the main cast, including the heroine, had to go to the Johnny’s side for approval. There were many people who had nothing to do with Johnny’s, but were rejected for co-starring with Johnny’s based on their image alone.

A person involved in the TV industry testified to this. The same was true of the single mother with many children, Talent X. Her life was very turbulent and eventful.

Her tumultuous life became a major topic of conversation, but Johnny’s sided with the company, saying, “She and our talent were side by side.

“It’s not appropriate to have a picture of her and our talent side by side,” they said.

The fans don’t want it. It could damage our image.

X was rejected at the casting stage for these reasons.

The TV stations, as well as other entertainment agencies, continued to play nice with Johnny’s, since they had de facto casting rights. It is a well-known story that at the beginning of the New Year, there were “huge lines” at TV stations to greet Johnny’s executives.

Even among entertainment professionals, the Johnny’s office is in a class of its own. If you are an executive employee of Johnny’s, you are in a position to receive a lot of business. If they like you, you can appear in a Johnny’s drama, so other production companies are desperate.

None of the entertainment production companies were hostile to Johnny’s, and all were very careful not to step on the tiger’s tail. The Japanese entertainment industry was literally under the control of Johnny’s. This was the climate that led to the founding father, Johnny’s, being the sole owner of the company.

It is undeniable that such a climate contributed to an increase in the number of “victims” of sexual assault by the company’s founder, Mr. Janie Kitagawa.

Many celebrities have recently commented that they had heard rumors about the sexual assaults. The public may be wondering, “Why didn’t they pursue it then?” But if someone were to make an accusation, not only the accuser, but the whole office would be destroyed. They had that much power.

Johnny’s is now in the midst of the biggest crisis since its founding due to a series of sexual assaults.

At a press conference held on September 7, Keiko Fujishima Julie stepped down as president, and Noriyuki Higashiyama of “Shonen-tai” fame became the new president. He declared that he would provide “compensation beyond the law” to the victims of sex trafficking, but the crucial company name “Johnny’s” remains unchanged. The company’s stock is still 100% owned by Mr. Julie, who is still the representative director of the company.

As a result, clients who use Japanese talents have announced that they are reviewing their contracts one after another. Mr. Julie’s face is pale, and according to a source, “He was not feeling well at the press conference.

He was not in good health at the time of the press conference, but his condition has worsened further. He is in no condition to appear in public.

He is in no condition to appear in public.

The Johnny’s office, which has been able to do business in a “lordly manner,” is expected to face a difficult situation in the future. Immediately after the press conference

“There will be no change in the appearance of Johnny’s talents.

However, NHK, a public broadcaster financed by the public’s subscription fees, has raised the bar for casting.

Until now, Johnny’s executives could call the producers and say, ‘We’d like you to use our 00 for that slot,’ or ‘We’d like you to use our hot seller △△△ for this slot,’ from the top. But the sexual assault issue has severely damaged Johnny’s’s golden sign.

Johnny’s managers now have a different level of difficulty in sales. Some of the lower-level managers are saying, ‘You should taste our pain.

Higashiyama’s “new organization” will start on October 1. I hope it will not be the “beginning of the end” for Johnny’s. ……


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