Former Yotsuya Otsuka teacher “forced a female student to say ‘buttocks pen-pen'” and took pictures of her underwear by lifting her legs. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Yotsuya Otsuka teacher “forced a female student to say ‘buttocks pen-pen'” and took pictures of her underwear by lifting her legs.

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Mori, the suspect who was arrested. He always turned his face away from the press to avoid being seen.

In a cram school classroom in Tokyo, a man grabbed a 9-year-old female student by both legs, lifted her up so that her underwear was visible, and photographed her.

On September 11, the Juvenile Development Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the re-arrest on suspicion of indecent assault and violation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Prevention of Disturbance of Children. Mori took pictures of a female student in her underwear with a smartphone in her breast pocket. He was alone with the girl in a classroom under the guise of an “individual meeting.

The incident occurred immediately after a three-way meeting with the girl and her mother in early May of this year. When the mother was leaving, Mori told her that he wanted to talk to the female student and they were alone. When the police checked Mori’s smartphone, they found videos of more than a dozen girls in addition to the one who had been victimized,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

Mori was also arrested in August for indecent behavior toward a student. FRIDAY Digital” reported on the incident in detail in an article distributed on August 23, immediately after the first arrest. Let us look back at the details of the unforgivable crime and Mori’s own voice (some parts have been corrected).

“I’m naked, and I’m going to do some butt-painting.

I’m going to teach you.”

On a day when there was no class, the man called the girls’ parents to tell them this. When the girls came to his classroom, he made them sit on the floor so that he could see their underwear, and took pictures of them with a smartphone in his breast pocket. He then forced her to make obscene remarks.

On August 19, the Juvenile Development Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Mori on suspicion of violating the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Prevention of Nuisances and coercion. Mori allegedly took voyeuristic pictures of an elementary school girl (9) at a school building in Tokyo where he worked. He told the police, “I did it to satisfy my sexual desire. He is said to deny some of the charges, saying he did not intend to threaten or harm the girl.

The alleged incident occurred in May of this year. In the classroom, he allegedly told the girl that he would punish her if she didn’t study hard, forced her to stand on the floor so that her underwear was visible, and forced her to make the following obscene comments. The suspect is said to have told the girls that they would be punished if they did not study hard, and that they would be stripped naked and have their butts penciled in.

Mori posted the videos he had taken on SNS group chats. Immediately after his arrest, he stated that he was filming for his own enjoyment, but later said, “The purpose of the voyeurism was to post the videos. I chose the members of the chat group by myself.

When the girl’s mother found out that her daughter’s name, address, and videos were exposed on a social networking service, she consulted the Metropolitan Police Department on August 4. After being contacted by the police, Yotsuya Otsuka dismissed Mori on August 10.

What kind of person is the arrested Mori suspect?

He is an elite student who went to a very famous private university from a high school in Tokyo. He joined Yotsuya Otsuka as an employee in April 2010. According to a TBS report, he is said to have been taking indecent videos of young children since his high school days.

In response to police investigations, Mori explained that he ‘also took voyeuristic pictures of another pupil’s girl child. In fact, obscene videos and images of several girls were found on Mori’s smartphone. The police believe there are additional crimes and are investigating.

An indecent incident at a well-known cram school with a proven track record. Parents are concerned that trouble may be occurring in other classrooms and cram schools as well.

The video is said to show him touching the girl’s legs (some photos have been doctored).
It is said that he made the girl say things like “buttock pen-pen-pen” (some of the photos have been doctored).
The number of victims is likely to be more than one (some photos have been doctored).
The school called girls on days when there were no classes (some photos have been doctored).
Yotsuya Otsuka operates 34 schools in the Kanto region. Yotsuya Otsuka boasts a high record of success in junior high school entrance examinations.
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