The “good taste” of the name “Johnny’s” that cannot be discarded despite the “devil’s deed” that I felt at the press conference. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “good taste” of the name “Johnny’s” that cannot be discarded despite the “devil’s deed” that I felt at the press conference.

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The management team decided to keep the name “Johnny’s. From left to right: Yoshihiko Inohara, Noriyuki Higashiyama, and former president Keiko Julie Fujishima.

On September 7, a press conference was held by Johnny’s s regarding its founder, Mr. Kitagawa. The office acknowledged the fact of sexual assault and apologized. It also promised compensation to the victims.

In a video released in May, Keiko Fujishima Julie said that she was “unaware” of the sexual assault and that she was “not aware of it.

“I didn’t know about it.

The recognition of the facts and the promise of compensation are a big step forward.

However, it was pointed out beforehand by the “Special Team of Outside Experts to Prevent Recurrence,

“A deconstructive reopening of the company” was a far cry from what the “special team of outside experts” had previously pointed out.

The president was far from the “dismantling and reorganization” that the “special team of outside experts” had pointed out in advance.

Although the president was changed from Julie Fujishima to Noriyuki Higashiyama, a former member of “Shonen-tai” (boys’ club), Julie Fujishima still holds 100% of the company’s shares. What was even more surprising was that the company name “Johnny’s,” which bears the name of Mr. Kitagawa, was not changed.

At the press conference, Higashiyama said,

I think it’s the energy and pride that the talent has cultivated, so I think it’s okay to express one of those things.

I think it might be right for me to change the name and make a fresh start. However, we are still supported by our fans, so I have been considering to what extent it would be appropriate to change the name.

He explained the reason why he did not change the name.

However, few people were convinced by this explanation, as it was far from enough to restore their trust, and commercial sponsors have been terminating their contracts with the company one after another.

Now that he has admitted to sexual assault, does the name “Johnny’s” become a source of pride for the talent?

Do fans really need the name “Johnny’s”?

Junta Nakama of Johnny’s WEST regularly appears on the TV show “Teach us! News Live: Justice no Mikata” (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation), in which he appears regularly, he said that having the name “Johnny’s” attached to the name of the company is “the worst.

It’s the worst.

He said from a victim’s point of view.

I also think that the name “Johnny’s” should be changed, and I am prepared for the loss of the name “Johnny’s.”

I am also prepared to lose the name “Johnny’s”.

Even among the talent, there are doubts about the continuation of the company’s name. Even so, why did the management not abandon the name “Johnny’s”?

I believe that they feel the immense power of the name “Johnny’s” more than pride.

The recurrence prevention team pointed out the “silence of the media” as one of the factors that contributed to the spread of the damage, but the name Johnny’s had the power to silence not only sexual assaults but also scandals involving celebrities.

In the past, when a member was arrested for violating the Road Traffic Law, he was referred to on TV as “00 member” instead of “00 suspect. That is how much power he had over the TV stations. Even reports of passionate love affairs were rarely reported on the wide-open TV shows.

In addition, they had control over casting for TV dramas and singing shows, and it was common for them to “nix” male idols from other agencies, as well as actresses who had scandals with Japanese celebrities. Well, it was partly because the media was at their beck and call. ……” (TV station insider)

Johnny’s is enjoying the “spring of the world” in the entertainment industry. It is probably Mr. Julie Fujishima and Mr. Higashiyama, who have grown up in Johnny’s for many years, who are still unable to give up this “flavor” of the entertainment business.

Although they emphasized “change” at the press conference, I think that the management team, which has been immersed in the “discovery of Johnny’s,” is afraid of “conditioned reflex” to uproot the “discovery” and lose it. I can’t help but think that the management, which has been immersed in the “Johnny’s discovery,” is “conditionally” afraid of losing it. This is probably what led to the decision to keep the company name.

When will they realize that the “power” of the name “Johnny’s” is already becoming an “illusion”? ……

  • Interview and text by Norifumi Arakida (FRIDAY Digital Entertainment Desk)

    Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1975. Worked for an evening newspaper and a women's weekly before assuming his current position. Also appears on TV and radio.

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