Rumors of Ninomiya and Ikuta going independent… Johnny’s’s empire in dire straits: “Higashiyama, Inohara, Kimura, and Kokubun to the forefront,” an unexpected aim. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rumors of Ninomiya and Ikuta going independent… Johnny’s’s empire in dire straits: “Higashiyama, Inohara, Kimura, and Kokubun to the forefront,” an unexpected aim.

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The September 7 press conference was attended by Julie, new President Higashiyama, Inohara, and their legal counsel. The press conference lasted four hours.

I may or may not have done it, that’s my true feeling.”

Noriyuki Higashiyama, 56, the new president of Johnny’s, said this while looking down from time to time. At a press conference held on September 7, it was announced that former president Keiko Fujishima Julie (57) would remain at the company as representative director and that she would own 100% of the office’s stock.

She has always wanted to concentrate on the management of the company. It is the same structure as in the past, when Janie Kitagawa stood in the foreground as president and Mary Kitagawa (both deceased) managed the office’s finances.

Higashiyama, who was once reported to have been in a relationship with Mr. Julie, was probably the most suitable candidate for the new president.

In appointing Higashiyama as president, Mr. Julie called together Yoshihiko Inohara (47), Taichi Kokubun (49), and Takuya Kimura (50). I heard that the five of them, including Higashiyama, got together. Inohara’s “V6” was an independent party in the office, Kokubun’s “TOKIO” was the Merry faction, and Kimutaku, a former member of the Iijima faction and now the lone top member, …….

Let Inohara and Kokubu, who are well-liked and well-liked by their juniors, cover for Higashiyama, and bring in the charismatic Kimura. Put the four of them in the front to restore their image. In the end, Mr. Julie, who has fled into the backroom, will probably be responsible for business decisions, using experts in finance and real estate as his brains,” said Mr. B, a person involved in the entertainment office.

The office’s admission of Mr. Janney’s sexual assault has caused some major companies to suspend commercial appearances by Japanese celebrities. What will happen to TV stations?

TBS will continue to run “Lavit! will also continue to be a regular on the day of the week. However, Fuji Television is actually taking a wait-and-see approach for the time being. Nippon TV said that as long as the companies are opposed to the use of Johnny’s, their future appointments will be based on their sponsors’ opinions. In addition, the other agencies have also expressed their disapproval of working with Johnny’s.” (TV station source)

Furthermore, the BBC’s coverage of the sexual assault has put the entertainment industry in a difficult position overseas, rather than domestically.

The BBC’s coverage of the sexual assault has left the entertainment industry in a bind overseas, rather than domestically. For Toma Ikuta (38), Shunsuke Kazama (40), and Junichi Okada (42), remaining with Johnny’s would be a negative.

Kazuya Ninomiya (40) also co-starred in the popular drama “VIVANT” (TBS) with Masato Sakai (49), who became independent from a major entertainment agency at the end of last year. Seeing Sakai’s back as he expands his activities, it is natural that independence would cross his mind,” said a production company executive.

Johnny’s empire is in turmoil. Where will it all lead?

The September 14 issue of “FRIDAY” (September 29) reports in detail on Sho Sakurai’s and Shingo Murakami’s moves forward, as well as further speculation on the part of Mr. Julie. It also includes a photo of Shizuka Kudo responding to a direct interview with the magazine. The paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

Last November, he succeeded Tackey as president of Johnny’s Island. His candid talk at the press conference raised his favorability rating.
Although Ninomiya has experience in Hollywood productions such as “Letters from Iwo Jima,” it is expected to be more difficult for him to appear in overseas productions in the future

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