HIKAKIN, the “best ever,” “bumps into Hiromi,” etc. … Annoying YouTubers are in the “Winter Era. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

HIKAKIN, the “best ever,” “bumps into Hiromi,” etc. … Annoying YouTubers are in the “Winter Era.

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HIKAKIN, a top YouTube star whose cup noodle sales are booming

The winners and losers in the YouTube industry, which was once ranked as the No. 1 “job I want to have in the future,” have come to the fore.

On September 5, HIKAKIN, a well-known leader in this field, updated his X and reported that his video views in August were “very strong. HIKAKIN said

I really appreciate all of you who watched my videos this summer.

He posted, “I’ve had the best summer of my 16 years on YouTube. Misokin, a cup noodle jointly developed with Nissin Foods, has also been selling like hotcakes.

Another top You Tuber, Hajime Shacho, announced on the 4th that his total video views had surpassed 10 billion. While there have been whispers of a difficult situation in the YouTube world, he has proven his stable popularity.

On the other hand, “UUUM,” to which both artists belong, fell into the red in the fiscal year ended May 31, 2012, for the first time since its listing. In August, the company announced that it would sell itself to Freakout Holdings, an advertising-related business.

For several years now, the company has been restructuring its YouTube members. Most recently, 10 creators, including ‘Azami and his wife’ and ‘Tekito,’ have disappeared from UUUM’s website,” said a mid-sized UTUBER office executive.

While the two giants of the YouTube world are performing well, the so-called “flame wars” YouTubers are struggling. Raphael and Shifter, whose trademark is a white mask, lament that their video income has dropped to less than half of what it was in their heyday.

Other yankee-style videos have a good number of views, but the advertising rates are extremely low. In some cases, videos made by ex-Yakuza do not get any ads.

Even so, one person said, “I don’t want to make money with my videos. I just want to spread the word and then hold events and sell information products.

In light of the current social climate, there is no doubt that YouTube, and by extension its parent company Google, is cracking down on “bad behavior” creators. Among them

I haven’t uploaded any bad videos, but my ad rates have dropped to one-third of what they were at the beginning of the year. I don’t understand Google’s rules very well. If things continue like this, I’ll have no choice but to quit.

One individual distributor lamented, “If things continue as they are, I’ll have no choice but to quit.

The unit price per ad is determined by how much the sponsor has invested in the company. Naturally, they want to actively advertise to clean distributors who have not caused any scandals. However, the reality is that contrary to this, the number of “misconduct” by annoying YouTubers has been increasing.

Recently, an annoying YouTuber named “Shinyacho” ran into trouble with Hiromi, a celebrity who ran as a charity runner in “24 Hour TV 46. Shinyacho is known to be a “notorious” person, and in the past he has been taken away by the police for barging into restaurants where distributors gather, yelling strange noises, and climbing on tables with his feet on the ground.

He has been taken away by the police. “He was banned for contacting Hiromi, but as far as I can see from his SNS, he has shown no remorse. He is also known to have harassed Mr. Comdot Yamato, who received a death threat. He does not seem to be sorry at all either.

Hezuma Ryu, the original annoying YouTube star, is also as usual.

When Makoto Nishimoto, a.k.a. Super Crazy-kun, a member of the Miyazaki City Council, was arrested on suspicion of sexual intercourse with a minor, he immediately updated his X page.

Super Crazy-kun was arrested? I could see this coming, and it turns out that the people of Miyazaki Prefecture are idiots for electing him.

I’m sick of YouTubers and people who run for office to gain publicity and I can’t stand them physiologically. Don’t play with politics!

I can’t stand them. The aforementioned personal distributor said

The image of the entire community is deteriorating because of a few annoying YouTubers. Because of them, regulations have become stricter as if they were jointly and severly responsible, and I think there is a part of them that has lowered the unit price of advertisements. Please don’t get involved.

I don’t want you to get involved in this,” he said.

It seems that those who are thinking about becoming a YouTuber are in for a harsh reality.

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