Her acting ability is rapidly growing and her appearances in serial dramas are rapidly increasing..! Kanna Hashimoto in a “too beautiful pure white sleeveless dress | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Her acting ability is rapidly growing and her appearances in serial dramas are rapidly increasing..! Kanna Hashimoto in a “too beautiful pure white sleeveless dress

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Hashimoto showed a sleeveless dress with an open bust. She is also becoming more attractive as an adult.

Kanna Hashimoto (24) is experiencing a major turning point in her career. Since the beginning of this year, her opportunities to play the lead roles in TV dramas have been increasing rapidly. Although she has starred in a number of movies, Hashimoto has had surprisingly little exposure in TV dramas. This year, however, she has greatly expanded her activities.

In April, she played the leading role in a drama series on a key station for the first time in the drama series “The King’s Dedicated Ring Finger” (TBS). In addition, in October, she appeared in “Tokumei! (Fuji Television Network). She will also star in next year’s NHK morning TV series “Omusubi.” Since her first appearance in a TV drama in 2012, she had only two leading roles until last year, but this year she has been cast in a succession of high-profile productions,” said a source at a major advertising agency.

What was behind the increase in offers to star in TV dramas? A key station insider praised her, saying, “Her acting ability has become even more polished. The reason for her rapid growth can be traced back to “Spirited Away,” in which she played the lead role for the first time last year.

I think the main reason for the change is the challenge of the stage. On stage, where you have one shot and can directly see the audience’s reaction right in front of you, a high level of acting ability is inevitably required. In fact, Mr. Hashimoto has told people around him, “I learned and thought in a completely different way than I did before I started performing on stage. It must have been a major turning point for her.

The presence of “rivals” of the same generation is also significant.

The presence of a “rival” of the same generation was also significant. “I think that co-starring with Mone Kamihiraishi (25), who is highly regarded for her acting ability among young actresses, played a role in her growth. I am sure that she must have received a great deal of inspiration and insight during rehearsals with Ms. Kamishiraishi, who has a wealth of stage experience and boasts of her outstanding acting ability. The high level of acting ability he demonstrated on stage was highly acclaimed in the industry. In fact, the show has been running for a long time, and it has already been decided that it will be performed again next year. A London production has also been announced.

Hashimoto’s career was also reflected in her facial expression when she appeared in a long white skirt at the completion preview of the movie “Spring Scattering” held in mid-July. She was always smiling during the press conference, and had light-hearted exchanges with veteran actors on the stage, including Koichi Sato (62) and Tomoko Yamaguchi (58).

On the other hand, when she attended the completion announcement event of “Forbidden Games,” a movie in which she starred, in late July, she showed off a pitch-black dress with a large opening at the bust. The dress was the complete opposite of the sexy outfit she wore a few days earlier, but she looked every bit as sexy as an adult.

Hashimoto is now at the peak of her career, appearing in movies and TV dramas. Her momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

Hashimoto appeared at the completion of “Forbidden Games,” a movie in which she stars, which opened in theaters nationwide on September 8. She showed off an all-black dress that exuded a mature and sexy atmosphere.
Her beautiful décolleté peeked out from her boldly opened bosom.
At the completion preview of the movie “Scattered in Spring,” Hashimoto showed a long pure white dress. This dress is also beautiful!
Hashimoto will turn 25 next year. She is steadily climbing the ladder to become a top actress.
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