The “big key man” who “knew” about the sexual assault at Johnny’s and the “J-bearing” reporter are guilty of “missing the press conference. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “big key man” who “knew” about the sexual assault at Johnny’s and the “J-bearing” reporter are guilty of “missing the press conference.

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Former Vice President Suguru Shiranase has been in charge of public relations for many years. Under his leadership, Johnny’s has taken “measures against the media. ……

This is the first time in the long history of the entertainment industry that the management of Johnny’s has held a press conference.

At the press conference held on September 7, former president Keiko Fujishima Julie, new president Noriyuki Higashiyama, and Yoshihiko Inohara attended. They formally acknowledged Janney’s sexual assault and said they would apologize and compensate him.

Although this seemed like a major step forward, many in the press were dissatisfied with the absence of key players.

Mr. Suguru Shirahase, who has served as the firm’s public relations manager for many years, was absent. Shirahase resigned as vice president on May 5, the same day as Julie.

Yoshitsugu Hattori, a member of the Association of Victims’ Parties, expressed his outrage after watching Johnny’s’s press conference.

He said, “They had a plan, and it went almost exactly as they had planned. But the most important point is that the “play” is out of order. The most important thing is that Shirahase-kun is not in it. Why? Because he “can’t act.

In fact, I think that Higashiyama, Julie, and Inohara were able to perform as planned. But Shirahase can’t do it. I think he knows firsthand, not theoretically, that he will be exposed in public. If you were offended by what I said, come out. Come out!”

According to Shukan Bunshun, Mr. Shirahase was also on the stand during the ’01 civil lawsuit against Bunshun, and was asked by the plaintiff’s (Johnny’s) lawyer

When asked by the plaintiff’s (Johnny’s) lawyer, “Why didn’t you investigate everything about the Bunshun case?

He was asked by the plaintiff’s lawyer, “Why didn’t you investigate everything about the Bunshun case?

Mr. Se testified, “I believe there is no need to investigate because I believe there are no facts.

He testified that there was no need to investigate the matter. Naturally, Mr. Shirahase is also aware of the results of the court case in which Janney was found to have sexually assaulted his wife.

What role did Mr. Shirahase play over the years?

There are people in charge of Johnny’s at sports newspapers and TV stations, known as “J-supporters. Until now, no matter what kind of scandal appeared in a weekly magazine, if Mr. Shirahase, the public relations contact, said “no,” it could not be handled at all.

It does not matter whether it is underage drinking or a criminal case. It was a system where even a small article on a passionate love affair could not be reported.

Of course, another problem is the “weak-kneed” attitude of the media, which has been at the mercy of Johnny’s for fear that their relationship with the company would collapse.

The biggest taboo in the powerful Johnny’s office was the issue of “Mr. Johnny’s sexual assault. It was a common understanding that such a thing could not be handled.

Mr. Shiranase has stood in the front line and protected the Johnny’s office from various scandals. It could be said that he played a “dirty role” in dealing with the dark side.

The people in charge at the TV stations are also culpable,” said Shiranase. Naturally, they would use groups that Johnny’s wanted to promote in their programs, and even on days when they were not covering them, they would show up at their concerts to curry favor with Johnny’s. The TV stations were mainly involved in the “entertainment” business, but they were also involved in the “entertainment” business. The “entertainment desks” at TV stations are in close contact with Mr. Shiranase and are at his “beck and call.

Whenever there is a scandal, the entertainment desk orders the producers and directors of each program, “Don’t let it go through. Naturally, the directors want to handle interesting stories, but they are often prevented from doing so by the entertainment desk, which is in close contact with Johnny’s. Even though it is a TV station, not all of them are looking in the same direction, and I would say that some of the people who are in bed with them are the war criminals.

At the press conference, Higashiyama said, “Discovery is no longer necessary. However, discovery is something that the media does on its own. Will the “Johnny’s” office, which has not changed its company name, change its “weak-kneed” attitude toward the mass media?

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