Doctors touch the breasts of female patients after office hours…Frequent incidents of indecency by doctors, including a high school girl at a karaoke bar,” a graphic reality. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Doctors touch the breasts of female patients after office hours…Frequent incidents of indecency by doctors, including a high school girl at a karaoke bar,” a graphic reality.

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Some physicians take advantage of their dominant position with patients to commit crimes (Photo: Image)

The head of a pediatric department was arrested for the third time.

On September 6, the Kakegawa Police Station of the Shizuoka Prefectural Police re-arrested A, a 43-year-old pediatrician at the Chuoetsu General Medical Center (Kakegawa City), on charges of quasi-forcible indecent assault.

In March and December 2010, A was arrested twice for committing similar acts on two other teenage female patients, and his smartphone was found to contain numerous videos of him performing indecent acts on them, leading to the discovery of his third crime.

The third incident was discovered. “There have been a number of indecent assaults by doctors in recent years,” said Dr. Kato. In March this year, the director of a clinic in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, was arrested for touching the lower half of a female patient’s body for about an hour, which he called “palpation.

In August, a doctor running a clinic in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, removed a female patient’s underwear and filmed her. This is the second time he has been arrested for indecent conduct with another female patient. The clinic’s pen-shaped camera has several videos saved on it, and the police are investigating the doctor for additional crimes,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

Female patients are not the only ones victimized by doctors. The scene of the crime is not always in a clinic or hospital. In an article distributed on August 18, FRIDAY Digital reported in detail on the case of well-known doctors who took high school girls walking on the street to a karaoke bar and sexually assaulted them. We would like to recount the graphic details of the crime (some parts have been corrected).

One of them became an acute alcoholic.

How old are you? Do you want to have a drink with me?”

The men interrupted the girl’s path and persistently asked her out.

The two men who approached the girl were B, a plastic surgeon in his 30s, and C, a plastic surgeon in his 20s, who were arrested again on August 15 by the Katsushika Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of indecent assault and other charges of non-consensual indecency. On July 25, after 10:30 p.m., the two suspects approached two high school girls who were on their way home from a fireworks display at a station in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, and took them to a nearby karaoke bar.

The high school girls refused the invitation, saying they were teenage high school students, but the doctors interfered with their attempts to leave. They forced the girls to drink alcohol on the street, then took them to a karaoke bar and groped them. After being forced to drink several drinks at the karaoke bar, the high school girls felt that they were in danger and fled the bar about an hour later. However, B and C brought the girls back and made them drink again.

One of the high school girls, seeing an opportunity, went into the restroom and called her mother in tears, asking for help. One of the girls was taken to the hospital on suspicion of acute alcohol intoxication. The doctors told the police that they were interested in picking up girls and that they wanted to take them home. They denied some of the charges, saying they did not know the girls were underage.

Both suspects were well-known doctors who were highly regarded for their careful medical care. Why are there so many unbelievable cases of indecent assaults by reputable doctors?

Doctors are called ‘Sensei’ and respected by their peers even when they are young,” said one doctor. Some people may abuse their position of superiority over their patients. Patients and medical staff are in a situation where it is difficult to refuse an invitation from a respected doctor.

In many cases, the crimes are committed behind closed doors in the clinic. Since only the doctor and the patient are in the room and no third party testimony can be obtained, it is difficult for the case to be discovered. Once the perpetrator gets a taste of the crime, he repeats it, leading to multiple arrests in many cases.

Doctors cure diseases and protect lives. There is no doubt that they are to be respected. However, we must not forget that if we sit on the respect of those around us and are carried away by our desires, we will lose the trust of society at once.

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