Toddlers dance “For the President! and dance…Putin’s patriotic education “includes piloting military drones” and other horrifying lessons. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Toddlers dance “For the President! and dance…Putin’s patriotic education “includes piloting military drones” and other horrifying lessons.

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President Vladimir Putin speaks to children with a serious expression at an open class on September 1 (PHOTO: AP/Afro)

The West is trying to glorify Nazism. To hide it, they installed Zelensky as Ukraine’s president.

In an interview with Russian state television broadcast on September 5, Putin criticized the attitude of the West. He claimed that he is conducting military operations to protect Russian residents in Ukraine who are being persecuted by neo-Nazi forces. He justified the war he had started.

In Russia, where the new school year began on September 1, patriotic education is being promoted in all schools.

At an open class of 30 high-achieving children in the capital city of Moscow on the same day, President Putin said the following We won the Great Patriotic War (against Germany during World War II) because of the greatness of our people. We were and still are invincible.

New history textbooks were introduced to 10th and 11th graders (Japanese high school students) in the new semester. In the textbooks, the students are told that “Ukraine has been brainwashed by neo-Nazi ideology for several generations” and that “the Western powers are manipulating Ukraine and trying to impose unjust sanctions on Russia. In the textbooks, President Putin is presented as a heroic figure.

For the president! Ulla~!”

The textbooks do not only absolutize President Putin and encourage children to be patriotic toward Russia.

The 10th and 11th graders are also taught ‘basic military training. They are taught how to operate automatic weapons such as Kalashnikovs and military drones. They also learn how to throw a grenade at ……. Veterans and other military personnel are scheduled to participate in the classes, which is reminiscent of prewar Japanese military education.

Not only upper grade students, but also young children are receiving a radicalized education.

The “lower grades. The school and kindergartens are filled with the letter ‘Z’ for victory. Children wear shirts with the letter ‘Z’ and sing the patriotic song ‘Advance Russia. They hold Russian flags to make the human letter “Z” and dance in praise of President Putin. When the teacher said, “Let’s fight together with President Putin! the children shouted. ‘For the President! For the President! For the nation! Ulla~! (Hooray!)’ And.

The video titled “Guardians of Peace” is distributed to the students. The content is about a girl asking questions about the “special military operation” against Ukraine. The video claims that the attacks on Ukrainian civilians by Russian troops reported by Western countries are ‘fake.

The Russian authorities are trying to turn children into convenient adults through biased education. This trend is growing stronger by the day.

New History Textbooks View President Putin as Hero (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)
Patriotic education for Russia is being given to children in eastern Ukraine, which has been overrun. …… (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)
Children making human characters for “Z” at school (From a social networking service at a Russian elementary school. Some of the images have been doctored.)
Letters “Z” in kindergarten as well (From SNS of a school in Russia. (Image has been partially processed)
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