Youngsters continue to …… Tachinami Dragons another tremor!” Next to the “Reiwa rice riot” is the “De-Nami Rebellion”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Youngsters continue to …… Tachinami Dragons another tremor!” Next to the “Reiwa rice riot” is the “De-Nami Rebellion”!

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The Chunichi Dragons players were greatly perplexed by the “Reiwa rice riot,” in which white rice was excluded from the meals served to players in the clubhouse. A source close to the team disclosed, “It seems that some players, especially young players, have begun to apply to be traded to other teams.

This June, manager Tatsunami was pleased with the new lineup. I hope the young dragons don’t have a hard time. ……

About two weeks have passed since it was discovered that manager Kazuyoshi Tachinami, 54, had ordered a ban on serving white rice, but the field is still in turmoil.

Fans who were upset by the “rice fiasco” have been posting harsh opinions one after another on the Internet, and the situation has spread widely. Even among the players of other teams, people are saying, “Chunichi is in trouble,” and “Mr. Tatsunami, you’re scaring me! and “Mr. Tatsunami, you’re scary! Chunichi alumni are saying, “Mr. Dragons Tatsunami was an untouchable case, but now that he has been beaten up like this, maybe the players will be rewarded a little.

However, it is said that the serving of white rice is still prohibited except in some cases.

Some of the players have asked the team executives to “rectify” the situation and resume serving white rice, but because Mr. Tatsunami is the “trump card” that the team has received with open arms, even owner Uichiro Oshima (59) is unable to take any action, Even Uichiro Oshima, 59, the owner of the baseball team, is not able to pay attention to Mr. Tatsunami.

In the midst of this situation, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, there have been some applicants for transfer.

Some of the players have begun to contact the “Yame-ryu” players who were traded or left for other teams after the Tatsunami administration came to power, and have begun researching the positions that each team is short of and how they are evaluated by other teams,” said a baseball team official.

This team official also said, “There seems to be some dissatisfaction with the way they are being treated behind their desire to be transferred.

The white rice is a trigger, but the catering service doesn’t have many side dishes to begin with. Even if you play well in a game and get a hero interview, they don’t give you a golden ticket. If you are a player for another team, you would get tens of thousands of yen, and if you are a player for the popular Hanshin or Giants teams, you would get a reward or manager’s prize of nearly 100,000 yen.

If it’s a player from Rakuten, he gets 100,000 Rakuten points, right? I’m sure my family would be happier with that. Even if my stomach and pocketbook are in a tight spot, I guess I can do my best if Mr. Dragons gives me a pep talk. ……, right?”

Some people call it the “De-Nami Rebellion” after the director’s name.

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