The “Post-Mizuto” candidates are… Nippon TV’s next ace and a golden rookie with high expectations: “Surprising Career and Beautiful Profile” photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Post-Mizuto” candidates are… Nippon TV’s next ace and a golden rookie with high expectations: “Surprising Career and Beautiful Profile” photos

The golden egg of the female TV announcer world! Rare shots from her school days!

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Risa Yamamoto (23) from Chiba Prefecture, graduate of Kokugakuin University] With her business materials in hand, she even interviewed the director individually under the blazing sun. Her smile, too fresh to be beaten by the heat, was impressive.

The most popular new female announcer at this year’s key stations is Aoi Harada, 23, a former member of Sakurazaka 46 and a Fuji TV announcer, but NTV also has two promising newcomers.

One is Risaki Yamamoto, 23. A graduate of Kokugakuin University, she won the Grand Prix at the Miss Campus pageant in her first year and was also selected as the “69th Imamiya Ebisu Shrine Lucky Girl. She is a member of St. Force Sprout, an entertainment agency that specializes in working female university student newscasters, and has appeared regularly as a student announcer on “Hayadoki! (TBS) as a student announcer. She is not yet well known among the general public, but she has been a focus of attention among us since her student days,” said a TV station official.

She was also chosen as a representative of the Fukumusume. She was wearing a mask, but her lovely eyes were soothing.
Risaki Yamamoto, Nippon TV’s “golden rookie” who aims to become the “post Mizuto
Risaki Yamamoto, a “golden rookie” from Nippon TV who is aiming to become a “post-Mizuto

On August 19, these two promising rookies were reporting on the live broadcast of the semifinals of the 17th All-Japan Junior High School Baseball Championship Giants Cup held at Edogawa Ward Ballpark. In contrast to Yamamoto, who smiled and said “Hello” to visitors as she passed by, Yui Watanabe, 23, another promising rookie, looked a little nervous and sometimes confused.

In her first year of college, she was selected as a model for the Waseda Collection, the largest fashion show at Waseda University, and in her second year, she won the “1st Student Announcement Grand Prix” with the full cooperation of Anatole, an announcement school run by Fuji. In her sophomore year, she was one of the 10 finalists in the 1st Student Announcement Grand Prix, which was fully supported by Anatole, an announcement school run by Fuji, and she won the CanCam Award.

According to Daijiro Maruyama, a female TV announcer critic, the two women also share the common trait of being “sports girls.

Yamamoto played handball in junior high and high school, and in 2002, when she was captain of the team, she won third place in the national tournament. Watanabe was a member of the basketball club in junior high school. She tried her hand at free throws on her debut episode of “ZIP! Both of them have good looks, but the lively Yamamoto and the old-fashioned Watanabe are different types.

Yamamoto is similar in lineage to Momo Urano, 24, who joined the company last year, and may follow Urano in appearing on “Audrey’s NFL Club. Watanabe Anna has a neat and intellectual atmosphere that is considered royalty at Nippon TV.’ Like Erina Iwata (27) and Reina Ichiki (27), who joined NTV in 2006, Yamamoto and Watanabe will eventually become contenders for the post of “Mizuto-anana” if they work hard with their peers.

Aiming high. We look forward to the success of the “golden rookie.

Yui Watanabe (23) from Okayama Prefecture, graduate of Waseda University. Perhaps her nerves have eased up, as she reported with aplomb while checking her notes on her smartphone.
Scouted at the entrance ceremony, she will be a model for “WASECOLE 2019
Yui Watanabe, Nippon TV’s “golden rookie” who aims to become the “post Mizuto
Unpublished photos of Yui Watanabe, Nippon TV’s “golden rookie” aiming to become a “post-Mizuto

From the September 8, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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