Rina Sato of Nippon TV “turned around and became more relaxed right after the end of the filming” Sukkiri photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rina Sato of Nippon TV “turned around and became more relaxed right after the end of the filming” Sukkiri photo.

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Announcer Sato looking refreshed after filming

In the evening of late August, a photo shoot was taking place on the street in front of NTV’s headquarters in Shiodome (Minato-ku, Tokyo). A man with a GoPro in his hand and a woman who appeared to be a staff member. And a tall woman with a straight back and a model’s figure…. She is Rina Sato, 28, an announcer at Nippon Television Network Corporation.

Sato, who has been with the company for seven years this year, is an active sportswoman who started playing volleyball in the third grade of elementary school and was a member of the athletic volleyball club at Keio University. She is tall at 166 cm and has a model figure of over 170 cm when wearing heels, and she has many female fans due to her neat and clean atmosphere.

She was appointed Sunday anchor of “Going! Sports & News” only three months after joining the company. And rumor has it that she is a “glutton,” and at the time she was considered the best candidate for the “post-Mizuto Mami” position,” said an NTV insider.

So, the filming in front of me was probably a report for the morning information program “Shuichi,” which she is currently appearing on, or a live broadcast of a news program (……). Suddenly, a woman who looked like a staff member collapsed on the street, and a panicked-looking Sato began to make a gesture as if to report the incident. A male cameraman was filming the scene. A male cameraman was filming it. The male cameraman was filming the same thing over and over again…. It seemed that they were taking a video that looked like a reenactment film.

Sato, perhaps struggling with the unfamiliarity of filming, sat down on the side of the road and checked the video over and over again. When she finally finished filming, she looked up to the heavens, spread her arms, and stretched out her arms with an “uh-huh” gesture. This unpretentious appearance must be irresistible to her fans.

Still a food reporter and a main MC However, she is a very serious and beloved character, and she will gradually show her true ability. I think she will gradually show her true ability from now on.

From now on, we will be keeping a close eye on Sato!

Ana Sato showing up while chatting with staff
Check out the video of her sitting on the street and filming
Introduced the Basketball World Cup on her Instagram the same day (from her Instagram @sato_lina)
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